Published on July 09, 2021

Package Addon

Feel like Minecraft is boring or hard? You can add this addon to your survival world! By adding this addon, your minecraft experience will be better by 0.0000000001%. You can add this addon to your modpack (If compatible)

Before downloading make sure this addon is ontop of all your addon added in your world.

If this addon doesn't work, or simply broken, this addon is not compatible with other addons, or something is broken.


In this addon contains 7 packages with their own goodies. Each goodies gets better when the material gets even rare-ish.

To get the package, you need to craft the packages Walkie talkie. Right click with the walkie talkie on hand, packages drop above your head.


Leather Package:

Leather package contains woods, wooden tools, leather or chain armor. This is the first package you can craft in start the of the game.


Coal Package:

Coal package contains cooked foods, alot of them. You can also get iron, coal, and some armor.


Iron Package:

This contains good goodies, this package contains iron tools, iron armor, diamond, and the stuff you can get in the nether.


Gold Package:

Gold package is purely made out of gold (and leather). This contains alot gold, like alot.


Redstone Package:

This contains all type of Axe, Pickaxe and Shovel. Ironicly, inside the package doesn't contains redstone at all.


Lapis Package:

Enchanting is alot easier, you can get experience bottle, lapis, and books. You can get alot stuff.


Diamond Package:

Inside this package is the most op stuff, for example you can get ender eyes, blaze rods, elytra, fireworks, and enchanted golden apples.


Here is the packages model and texture. Once you punch the package, you'll get the loot inside the packages.


Do not steal my addon or claim it as yours.

However, you can use the addon code as educational purposes.

Make sure to credit me if you want to use this in a modpack, a map, or a video.


  • Package_Behaviour.mcpack (38.25 KB)
  • (38.25 KB)
  • Package_Resource.mcpack (47.26 KB)
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If you found a bug to the addon, make sure to report it at my Discord Server.
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Gowvto craft walkie talkies?
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Add that the we can carry the pankage/box
Example sneak and right
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That would be cool, but sadly i cannot add animation to it, because making animation for players is kind of broken, so i will definetly add this if i can, but with no animation.
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If you found a bug to the addon, make sure to report it at my Discord Server.
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