MCPEDL - Bedrock Edition

By ThatLazyDude
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
4.8 · v1.21.2
The Civil SMP | 1.21 A Semi-anarchy Vanilla Java-Bedrock SMP   Brief IntroductionAs the tittle suggests, this is a purely VANILLA public SMP. Focused at quality of life changes ...
By BlackVarus7784
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
5 · v1.21.2
⚠️ This server is exclusively for German speakers ⚠️We are currently looking for new team members We search for: Supporter Builders and Developer If you would like to a...
By CentoriCraft
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
3.9 · v1.21.2
Join CentoriCraft's Discord Server - IP and Port -, 25565Website - Click HereLatest Supported Minecraft Version - Bedrock Edition ...
By JosieIsNotARat
Published on 15 Jul, 2024 · v1.21.2
ReVoltage is a cross-platform (Java & Bedrock) survival multiplayer server with a dedication to fostering a kind and fun-loving community community with hermitcraftian moderatio...
By Err9
Published on 15 Jul, 2024 · v1.21.2
Hello, check out a server that is currently under development. Mini-games are available, such as PVP and Factions. You can also freely visit the city of ErwanVille. If you cheat...
By FlaredMoko
Published on 15 Jul, 2024 · v
Welcome to Landcraft, a Civilization SMP on a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server. Here, you can build your own empire, form alliances with other nations, and embark on a journey...
By darkblockgaming
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
As you know Minecraft only has three Camera Perspectives, which is good but not enough, So I made this mod which adds some new usefull & interesting Camera Perspectives into the...
By Fade Studios
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
Fade Custom Chat Ranks are created by Fade Studios meant to give you some spice to your servers by having are chat ranks you can turn your server with boring chat with very cust...
By xskt
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
Double the Elegance with Double Doors! Improve our Minecraft experience by adding support for the behavior of double doors. Enhance your builds and create stunning entrances wit...
By Emukettu
Published on 15 Jul, 2024
Do you need a slight increase of safety in your worlds? To always know where the exits are? This add-on is for you!This add-on has exit signs.This add-on is made with love!