Published on August 25, 2021

Pancakes Better Endermites

Have you ever thought that endermites are kind of useless? This addon gives endermites a use by letting them transform into shulkers for an easy shulker farm as well as providing a use for crying obsidian.


Please check out this video for more information on this addon and the ad free download.


Useless Mob


Endermites can be spawned in using enderpearls and have very little uses


Useless Block

After spawning in your endermite get it to walk on a block of crying obsidian.



After the endermite is on the crying obsidian it will begin to transform into a black shulker.


Black Shulker

After the transformation is done you should get a black shulker to spawn in. This allows shulkers to be farmable for shulker boxes.


To download the mod ad free visit my video link in the description. PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM THIS ADDON AS YOUR OWN. If you would like to use this in a video that is fine just link back to THIS PAGE and not your own link.

If you'd like to use any of my mods/addons in a mod pack please ask me before adding them. You are free to use them in any videos but do not claim them as your own.

Installation Guides

Can you make shulker passive to you?
Make a way for shulker to be reverted back to Ender mites please