Published on April 13, 2021 (Updated on April 13, 2021)

Pancakes Reapers

This addon introduces ark survival evolved reapers to your Minecraft survival world. These monsters spawn throughout the end and can do a bite attack leaving a corrosive poison behind as well as a spin attack if you get too close.

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Reapers spawn in the end rarely roaming around looking for players to attack.

When in the wild end they have 300 health and do 30 damage while doing fatal poison damage.

Whenever you are getting to close the reaper will do a spin attack to knock you back.

Whenever getting hit by the reapers melee attack (Not the spin attack) you will have a 25% chance to be impregnated. If you are hosting a baby you will birth it in 2000 ticks (1 Minute and 40 seconds).

Baby reapers will burn in daylight so be careful whenever giving birth.

After giving birth tame the baby using a eye of ender. After it is tamed you can use a shulker shell to start the growth of a full reaper.

Babies also burn in daylight.

After they are small reapers just feed them ender pearls to increase their growth.

At night time reapers are at their most powerful and have 300 health and do 30 damage but when tamed they do not spin or do poison damage. During day time they have 200 health and do 20 damage. To heal your pet feed them a eye or ender.

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The only issue stated was not to use the schedule release feature so i will not use it for this upload.


To download the mod ad free visit my video link in the description. PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM THIS ADDON AS YOUR OWN. If you would like to use this in a video that is fine just link back to THIS PAGE and not your own link.

If you'd like to use any of my mods/addons in a mod pack please ask me before adding them. You are free to use them in any videos but do not claim them as your own.

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hello there
i do not have this mod as i play on minecraft edu.
plz could u remake or reupload for 1.14
i love ark and this mod looks awesome
thx for consideration
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I'm not sure if you knew this or just liked the idea but it is actually the basilisks that stick their tails out when underground
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Ok I've seen ark but I never thought it would have a Dinosaur Xenomorph hybrid
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Yeah lol. I love them they are such a cool creature.
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Ah the wonders of Ark. Can you maybe make a Rock Drake?
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