Published on January 05, 2019 (Updated on April 01, 2020)

Papercraft Banana Dolphin Resource Pack

This pack turns Dolphins into a Papercraft Banana Dolphin... Why? Well because the Production Lead on Bedrock Edition loves bananas and loves dolphins and loves... well he was playing it anyway, Papercraft Survival. So I made him this and wanted to share it with the world.

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No change, just reuploaded the zip as I was told they were corrupted. Also added a feature image.


  • PaperBananaDolphin_1585708924.mcpack

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Monke must love this texture pack
Are you thinking of making all the leather mobs made papercraft? Thankyou
Wow that not bad, I will try that.
Nice texture! It does go really well with the papercraft texture and It’s great to see banana dolphins exist 10/10
Also Jigarbov, I’m a pretty big fan of your marketplace work! I’m also thinking of possibly doing some of my own marketplace stuff in the future, is there any advise you could possibly lend to me? (If you ever see this message)
The best advice I could give is to work hard and make sure you put in every effort to make it feel "complete". I can make a quick mod like papercraft dolphin for mcpedl for example, because its just a small thing, but for it to appear on the marketplace for example I have to make sure it's a complete game and worth peoples money. Good luck!
First and beautiful