Parachute Addon [Beta]

You guys loved the previous 'Parachute addon'. So here you go, Parachute Addon REMASTERED EDITION !!! This one does not replace mob heads, All are Custom items with custom recipes, in 10 different colors! Minecraft latest beta required!

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Removed older download links and added ad free mediafire links



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The parachute does not work
I wish there was an all black one... sad.
cool mod but would be better if you could make it more compatible with other mods
Not good, The parachute does not work.
sorry I am here only asking permission from the creator of this addon, I just want to ask permission from you (addon maker) I ask permission to put this addon into my map because I created a map Battelroyale. Can I?
Can I use It in my map? if yes i gonna credit you
Can you make this addon more compatible with other addon ?
please i need this for my map
Ahhhhhh bro can I just give them the mediafire link anyways the credits is all yours ????
How to USe Ay right-click And nothing Happen it keeps Eating
K I figured I out I Just need to put it The Top of the behavior pack
Hey can you update the train Addon?
One by one, mate! I'll try my best :)
just download the link in zipfile
Instructions unclear, sent into stratosphere
Where are the SIgns?
Minecraftlover070809 July 12, 2019 at 2:36 pm
Can’t downlod
This is a cool add-on i needed a parachute for a fortnite map
Hate to say it man, but DOES NOT WORK! It always brings a pop-up ad that won’t go away, it’s spam every time and I can’t download it! Please make it instead of what you have currently. Hoping for the best man!
NOO not adfly please! That is far more worse than this one, coz adfly sometimes forces you to download virus apks if you're on android. Whereas here you can simply close the ad-popup and get the mediafire link??
The link doesn't work