Published on December 28, 2016

Paradiscal's Paintball [PvP] (Addon!)

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Hey pls make a Undertale Mod Add-on pls
Will this work on Android? My friend plays on Android and I play on iOS
Hi there, Paradiscal!

I am very interested in your work. Your sense of style and creativity is exactly what I look for when I am brainstorming ideas for my own projects. I am currently working on a big add-on & map, which I would love if you could give me a hand with! I need some things textured and possibly some behavior packs made. Any works you make will be credited accordingly. Please let me know if you are interested because it would be an honor working with you! Thanks!
I'll see, if you email me [email protected] or dm me on Instagram @paradiscal.
I may or may not help, depending on what it actually is.
Alright! I have sent it!
No problem at all! I'll put it where people are guaranteed to see it! ?
I am also using your addon, since it is the only one I can find that is suitable for my map. I hope you don't mind!
Paradiscal, do you mind if I attempt to post a paintball map on the site? 'Extreme Paintball' Is the name. Does it conflict with the name of your map? If so I have no problems changing it. Thanks!
I think he created the addon so that other people could use it. But he can correct me if I am wrong.
By all means go ahead, just give credit for the addon within the app (with my username) and on the mcpedl post
*map not app

btw I'd love to see another paintball map
Paradiscal, can you re-texture elytras into jet packs? That would be awesome... also plz retexture elytras into minecon capes. :)
How did you upload the map ?
Dude. It's epic and I love it. Best addon ever. ???. Thanks for making!
Why hello there.
This is very detailed and inspiring.
Great Addon! ?
AWesome! if you replace all the quartz blocks with iron, you can play lazertag with a fireball gun addon.
The paintballs doesnt take damage
They should, I have played the game over 4 times and it has worked, did you remove the addon?
No i didnt remove it, i tried it with a villager, and i shoot it in over a minute and it didnt take damage :(
Yes, they don't do any damage to mobs. I'm not sure if it works on players, since I haven't tried.
Ah yes, correct, I didn't want people messing with the addon for any other use than the map, so I reset the damage status from 'blaze' to 'player' instead of 'blaze' to 'all'
The zip file you sent is empty.
Removing the add-on should probably do that but over time with snowballs you can take more damage though, I might be wrong also.