Published on September 19, 2021 (Updated on November 24, 2021)

Parkour Craft (Beta)

Parkour content

Parkour Craft is a parkour that contains easy and difficult difficulty as you win, it becomes more and more difficult passes the day and night cycle, contains a variety of different levels with 100 levels to play and is compatible with multiplayer, if you configure night parkour has light.


Note: Parkour is in a Beta version, it is possible to play but it may contain an error if an error is found, say in the comments what level it was and on what device they played. 

Note: It will be updated again in a few days until the official version.

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- A link was added to Mediafire
- The creative mode is blocked
- The death message was blocked and the one of some command blocks
- The space of (optional rules) was eliminated and some decoration blocks were added
- This beta version was only of error solutions of some levels.



The Zip file was eliminated since it is not necessary.


This procedure is simpler, just download the file and tap on open and the Minecraft will be opened.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Hi how do i get it on minecraft edu it says te server is outdated can you fix that
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Hello I think you need to update your minecraft.
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I'm stuck on the glass level where you have to jump from one glass pane to another.
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Hi I just wanted to tell you that more updates may be coming to fix some bugs I found and add some improvements.
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