Parkour Impossible

Are you ever try Minecraft parkour maps and that may too easy for you? this will be the most perfect parkour map for you and has the name called Parkour impossible a fun and annoying parkour map!

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Time Masters Update!
+ 3 New time periods (time travel)
- Dark Ages
- Renaissance Ages
- The Pirates
+ Updated Mode select & Rewards page
+ Bug fixes :D



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Its a pretty low expectations map.
I didn't enjoy the map too much as there was so many spammed jumps.
The use of fog was good though!
This map is annoying when ever you fall, this is because it takes like 8 seconds to die every single time you fall.
All together not the best map, but the thought counted!
I liked it up until after the dungeon lvl(which btw was evil it was the longest lvl and was entirely 4 block jumps and iron bar jump), cuz then there were random barriers everywhere causing me to need to play in gamemode so i could see them. I liked the shulker boxes tho