Published on February 23, 2021 (Updated on April 06, 2022)

[20k+ Download] Parkour (Most of it): Parkour + PvP (Multiplayer Compatible!)

From easy peasy to nearly impossible, Parkour (most of it) consists of 7 parkour maps with a wide range of difficulties for all Minecraft players! If you're not sure which parkour world suits you best, give it a try!

PvP is also included in this world with 13 kits and 6 maps!

Difficulty Chart and Easy (remake) coming soon!


There are currently 7 parkour maps in this world: (fraction = difficulty)


Packed with various difficult jumps, this map is not for beginners. Mobile players are not recommended to play this map. This map consists of 6 levels:

Lv1: Various jumps like ladders, ice, redstone, and slime all mixed up together. (5/10)

Lv2: A level based on tall iron bars. You need to find a way to get to the top. (5/10)

Lv3: Full of honey blocks. Also with barriers, shulker boxes, and soul sand. (5.5/10)

Lv4: Obsidian, trident, trapdoors, and pistons are waiting for you to challenge them. (6.5/10)

Lv5: The last level is very hard to play. With the neos and 4 block jump, it is nearly impossible to finish it. Don't play it unless you have big confidence in yourself! (8/10)

Lv6: EVEN MORE NEO and piston. Don't. (10/10)








The adventure of beating the Ender Dragon. Consists of 4 parts:

Overworld: Discover the biomes by stepping on the 7 different trees. (3/10)

Nether: The trip in the Nether is shorter but harder. You will end up in a stronghold. Get into the portal to get to The End. (3/10)

The end: The last fight against the Ender Dragon. After that, you will find the End City and ruined End Ship. Go back to the portal and find your way home. (3/10)

Home: Back to your home. (2/10)


Climb the way to the top!

The new 2 species of fungus.

The nether fortress is a little bit hard for beginners though.

In the stronghold, there will be the end portal. Jump down to get to The End.

This obsidian pillar is not easy to climb!

After that, you go to the End City.

Your home.


Slightly harder than Easy, if you have finished Easy, try this! (4/10)


9 cubes, each with a single theme. These 9 themes are:

Dirt (4/10), Wood (4/10), Stone (5/10), Netherrack (5/10), Blackstone (6/10), Nether Bricks (5.5/10), Stone Bricks (6/10), End Stone (6/10), and Purpur Block (6.5/10).

Each of them will be slightly harder than the previous one.

(There is a maze in the Nether Bricks level.)

Tower of Parkour (5-9/10)

With 140 blocks of vertical distance, Tower of Parkour is shorter than Normal but in tower form! Climb from the bottom of the Nether to the top of the End!

Themed (beta):
Easy Survival-themed parkour with fewer checkpoints than Easy. (4/10)
Scroll to the end of the description to watch the walkthrough of Themed (beta).

I have a lot (I mean, A LOT) of friends who play on pocket edition and all these maps are too hard for them. I've been tortured enough. This is for you guys.

This is a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to play simple parkour in Minecraft. (2/10)

PvP: New kind of KitPvP

There are 13 kits:
Sword kits:
Lancer: Normal sword kit
Knight: With an extra shield
I can fly~: With extra elytra
Heavy, Light, HEAVY 3000, LIGHT 3000: adjustments on armor, weapons, and effects
Pyro: with Fire Aspect sword
Bow kits:
Archer: Normal bow kit
Sniper: Invisible crossbow kit (can pierce shield)
Shotgun: Multishot Crossbow kit
Swing and Throw: Trident kit with water breathing
Fisherman: With a fishing rod that let you swing your foes into the sky

There are 6 maps:
Playground: A playground with hiding & seeking features (by Dpanda 06110)

20*20: Normal 20 blocks * 20 blocks arena

Nether: Nether themed arena with lava and high fungus for sniping (by Dpanda 06110)

Doors: Rooms connected with doors and a flat roof

20x20 Free Build: 20 blocks * 20 blocks arena with wool (placeable) and shears (can break wool faster)

End World: Jump into the End portal and start a fascinating adventure!

Game Rules:

  • Play in Adventure mode
  • Play in Peaceful mode
  • No cheating is allowed
  • You can rage
  • You can use /spawnpoint if you give up
  • PvP on (when playing PvP) or PvP off (when playing Parkour)


If you find any bugs or shortcuts, feel free to comment down below!

Thanks to Dpanda 06110 for testing the map and making the PvP maps and Tower of Parkour!

Walkthrough of Themed (beta): 


Select version for changelog:

  • changed description and title
  • yeah that's it, I just wanna let you guys know I'm back :D


Click the link -> Go to MediaFire -> Click Download
It will start downloading. (I strongly recommend Mediafire links as it's WAY faster.)

Currently there is .mcworld and .zip file. 

.mcworld : open it with Minecraft

.zip : unzip and put the folder in com.mojang -> minecraftWorlds

The current version supports 1.17.40 or a higher version of Minecraft.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Justin dcsdfcfse fdecvd January 27, 2022 at 12:15 am
This is poggers i could use this to play with my friends. THANK YOU CREATOR!!!!
Very cool!
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make a 1.14 version
I don't know if the older versions support 1.14
You can check it out
This Is Awesome First PvP/Parkour Map I Have Downloaded And I Think It Is Epic. Good Job!!
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We are now requesting PvP kit ideas!
Leave a reply about your idea and it may be included in the next update (with your name)!
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