Published on February 23, 2021 (Updated on July 04, 2023)

[Parkour & PvP] Practice.

From easy peasy to nearly impossible, this world consists of several parkour maps with a wide range of difficulties for all Minecraft players! If you're not sure which parkour world suits you best, give it a try! There is also PvP for you and your friends to spend your time on!

- 7 Parkour maps!
- 6 PvP maps and 13 custom kits!

Difficulty Chart and Easy (remake) coming soon!

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  • Tweaked a lot of parkour maps and PvP maps
  • Revamped main lobby and map choosing lobby
  • New map: Advanced Tower (beta)
  • Bug fixes


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Justin dcsdfcfse fdecvd January 27, 2022 at 12:15 am
This is poggers i could use this to play with my friends. THANK YOU CREATOR!!!!
Very cool!
make a 1.14 version
I don't know if the older versions support 1.14
You can check it out
This Is Awesome First PvP/Parkour Map I Have Downloaded And I Think It Is Epic. Good Job!!
We are now requesting PvP kit ideas!
Leave a reply about your idea and it may be included in the next update (with your name)!