Published on December 01, 2021 (Updated on January 02, 2023)

Parkour Parkour with Ace Race!

This parkour map is purely hand-made. There are 5 levels with different stages. Each stage has its own variation. If you are an MCC fan, you will recognize some of these styles. 

One big change I have made is that there is now Ace Race! I have made my own adaptation of the popular MCC game. I've run multiple tests, and I believe it is ready for you guys!

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I kept the original stuff. The only change is Ace Race and I added 3 pictures of it.

Fixed a bug I found 5 minutes after I submitted this map earlier.

Found out that I uploaded the wrong map version. I updated it.


Updated to 1.19



  • Parkour_Parkour_with_Ace_Race.mcworld (171.77 KB)

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