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Published on December 12, 2016 (Updated on December 12, 2016)

PC HotBar Resource Pack

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So if anyone happened to wander onto this page, this pack doesn't work anymore simply because it is extremely outdated. I attached it and I got several warnings saying it wouldn't work, which it didn't. Continue on scrolling.
juan gomes lusquinos January 16, 2019 at 4:50 pm
Vocês podem me ajudar a instalar isso
I’m not a hater but u can just change it on the settings
So u go on setting, video, find the UI profile and change it into classic.
I know that u commented this in 2018, but u should have realized that this was uploaded 2016
Where is the update!
Turn on classic mode on and it this hotbar should show up without a texture pack
This needs updated The hotbar is extremely glitchy on Android
Why is it that when u eat a notch apple ur extra hearts go under the hearts not above?
ImLovinIt get it lol but really I do
Does This Reduce Your Hunger Cause It Is Not Reducing To Me
Btw Just Reporting A Bug, In 1.0.5 On Ios (IPad Mini 4) I Had A Problem With Something And I Think It Needs To Be Fixed, When You Get A Command Block, And Put "/title @p title [text]" The Text Doesn't Pop Up On Ur Screen When The "PC Hotbar" Pack Is On, I Removed It, And Tested It Without The "PC Hotbar" Pack And It Popped Up On My Screen, So Its Not A Bug In Minecraft It Self, Its Just Something To Do With The "PC Hotbar" U Have Here.
Haha!this is useless now!the if u put in the settings classic in advance video settings it will turn your hotbar into pc!plus it works better!it doesn't stack in the hotbar but in inventory it stacks so this is pretty pointless
This works so well omg!!!!!! (If u rly want to get the PC Minecraft vibe, go to ur settings and change pocket to classic)
Dude the hotbar does not show the amount of item
I downloaded it, it works but the numbers dont show up for how many items I have in the hotbar. Anyway to fix that?