Published on January 11, 2017 (Updated on January 11, 2017)

PC Observers Texture Pack

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Where can I find the MCPE observer texture for Minecraft PC version?
My prayers have been answered!
Yay this texture now in mcpe too! :)
Glad you like it!
There Are Actually Lot Of Feature That Were Added To Mcpe Before Pc. Example =
-Shovel Pathway
-CAVE Spider Jockey
-Breed Chicken With Potato
-2 People In One Boat
-Shear Snow Golem
Cool texture but you description is slightly incorrect. The observers in each version are not really "practically the same", the java version emits a power level of 1 and strong power, but mcpe has power 15 and low power. This is a key difference in the use. ;)
What is this useful for not trying to be mean
It doesn't really do much, I just made it to look nice.
Thanks so much for adding my texture pack!
Thank you so much I always wanted this
Thanks for making this texture,I want to make it but cannot find the textur,awesome texture!