Published on August 27, 2019 (Updated on August 28, 2019)

PeePeePooPoo BodyGuard Add-on

Being angry to entire monsters that always kills you?Hate creepers that explode nearby your house?

PeePeePooPoo is here to Help!

PeePeePooPoo Bodyguard will help you to kill every mobs that you want to kill!

How to use?

PeePeePooPoo is a personal bodyguard that will help you to clear up monster that want to attack you so,here is way to get him :

  • PeePeePooPoo is just available in creative mode.
  • He will attack you when you hit him before you tame him.
  • Tame PeePeePooPoo using emerald!
  • If he's bigger after you tame him,that means he is now your bodyguard!



  • He will kill all mobs that you punch
  • Just like wolf,he will follow you where ever you go.
  • Tap Get on! To ride PeePeePooPoo


  • Never let your pig go into lava/fire!
  • Never enter PeePeePooPoo fight with another mobs cause PeePeePooPoo maybe can kill you!

Enjoy it!

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Rollback 1

This rollback make all of 1.0.2 version thing dissapear

This rollback is for the flying pig/drowning pig!

Report to Me if there is bug

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  • PeePeePooPoo-BodyGuard-v1.0.3.mcaddon

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4.69 / 5 (13 votes)
It just says acces denied. Please fix that!
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I'm getting code saying "access denied" when I ttry to download and I've tried multiple browsers? Looks super cool and cute tho
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mind adding Joergan and Sven? tbh it would be nice if we could revive Joergan.
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it doesn't work on windows ten 1.13 but he does spawn i just cant tame him
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F to pay respecc for people who don't know who PeePeePooPoo is...
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you should make him attack you when you go near an ender portal
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If there's crash/something,DM me on Discord!
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Is he gonna shove and betray me too?
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Здесь ничего ? August 28, 2019 at 3:19 am
What kind of a name is PeePeePooPoo?
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PeePeePooPoo is "Pewdiepie" Pig Pet in Minecraft .
You can check YouTube "Pewdiepie" channel Video!
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Its a name from the pig thats named by pewdiepie in his les play
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