Published on August 05, 2016

24517192: Perfect Survival Island

Seed ID

Thanks It's now useless.
Guest-2548735103 May 12, 2020 at 2:36 am
Where can I find spawners on/nearby the island?
Wheres the outpost in this seed
bruh, this is the Survival Island seed in the seed picker
Yes it is. I’m really disappointed
In XBox there are endless mining tunnels around the island... and a nearby Ocean Monument.
Has anyone found any Mob spawners close to the spawn island? Skeleton?
1573 14 1192
2007 63 600
100th best seed.
Not best
Yes thanks so much first one that worked ??
No waterfall...?
Yay it works most servers don't work on my stuff but this one does YAY
Thx a lot the first seed that worked for me
Wow this is the perfect world for me I’m building a survival island that you have to example so it’s like perfect only problem is that there’s no water fall!