Published on January 25, 2022 (Updated on April 17, 2022)

PerFormance+ Q1

PerFormance+ Aims On Improving Minecraft’s Client Side To Provide Better Experience To The Players. While Keeping The Vanilla Look And Player Choices In Mind! PerFormance+ Adds A lot Of Features Like Better UI, Organized Settings, FPS Counter, Armor Hud, Status Hud, Direction Hud And Much More! This Pack Also Has A Mod Panel/Toggles Which Means You Can Turn On And Off Features Whenever You Want!

Note- The Mod Panel Only Works For Touch Screen Devices!

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Disclaimer- This Pack Doesn’t Increases FPS Or Gives A Performance Boost. This Pack Has Been Made To Add A lot Of Cool Features!

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Updated the youtube and discord links as they were expired and outdated!



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You literally stole Chainsketch's FPS counter
Dhshchsvcjs fhsbcj hsjc
Bro can i use your mod menu for my client ill give credits pls
could you teach me how to edit the ui?
Hey, can i use your mod menu? For my client
Can you send mediafıre link because i can only download from mediafıre
Puedes hacer una textura que solo añada la armadura en la pantalla?
R3FAL BUKAN PSATIR May 28, 2022 at 7:50 am
i like this
(MrPug please reply) I'm a devoloper of an upcoming client, and was satisfied by what this pack can do. My client is releasing in some days so can i use your pack with mine? I will give proper credits and YT & Discord link!! and another thing is noticed is the current changelog, it says "Updated the youtube and discord links as they were expired and outdated!". But the links are still expired please fix that too. Please reply as fast as you can.
- Pack creator
I liked this resource pack, especially how the UI looks in the settings. However, there are some issues I find somewhat 'meh' to me. First, in the directions HUD, after the cardinal direction, there is an X/-X/Y/-Y on it which should be X/-X/Z/-Z as Y coordinate is supposed to be a vertical direction. Also, Minecraft coordinate system has a reverted directional system which made the North direction negative X and South for the positive counterpart that also applies to the East and West directions as well, so might be wondering if you could change them though. And lastly, the Hide HUD for Pocket devices don't really hide the button beside the pause that ruins the screenshots I do every time. That's all I can say, but overall the rework of the UI is good and I recommend it~
add fullbright pls