Published on September 22, 2018 (Updated on September 22, 2018)

Phantom+ Addon

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Why does everyone make mobs that are coming up in later updates? Shouldn’t you know that they will be added anyway and mods like these will be pointless? Why try to create a mob when you don’t even know what their functionality, (or behavior), or appearance is?
This addon is an addon aiming to improve on the concept of phantoms, and quite frankly, it does so nicely! So, stop hating!
I agree and this is for the creator: the rating is for the comment, not the reply or addon
Is this compatible with the Rideable Phantoms addon?
I feel that 10 seconds of blindness is a little on the long side for an attack.If your in the middle of a fight,it would be too hard as it hits you over 2 times is 10 seconds so you will have blindness for most of the fight.Reduce it to 5 then the babies do 2.5-3
You should make the baby phantom tameable.
This looks great! Definitely adds some dynamics to phantoms... good job!
This Is Already Added......
The phantom is added into minecraft, but addons don’t really “add” anything new to the game, they just change behaviors, so with this addon changes have been made to phantoms, one being that phantoms turn into bats during the day wich does not happen in normal mc so no this is not added
Agree. Also today is the last day of 2019.
Microsoft/Mojang are the people who decided to name these "addons", we're just going along with it...
Yes, but we added some features
I would like to see a texture pack that makes the phantom look like how it use to look in the oldest snapshot,PLZ do it.