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Published on January 13, 2017 (Updated on January 20, 2017)

PhantomBro95's Random Stuffs Resource Pack

This texture pack replaces the name and textures for a bunch of weapons, tools, food items and even a few blocks. A really cool feature which is the first time ever I've seen it done for addons is the new names. For example, Golden Helmets has been renamed to King's Crown. The textures are also unique and lets you experience Minecraft a little differently!

Creator: PhantomBro95, Twitter Account, YouTube
Updated: 20 January, 2017 (read changelog)

New Items (Textures & Names)

Crafting recipes are the same as before.

  • Food
    • Cheese (Melon)
    • Doughnut (Cookie)
    • Enchanted Golden Mango (Enchanted Golden Apple)
    • Fries (Baked Potato)
    • Golden Mango (Golden Apple)
    • Mango (Apple)
    • Tomato (Beetroot)
    • Tomato Soup (Beetroot Soup)
    • Raw Duck (Raw Chicken)
    • Cooked Duck (Cooked Chicken)
    • Carrot Juice (Golden Carrot)
  • Tools & Weapons
    • Bullet (Arrow)
    • Chainsaw (Diamond Axe)
    • Crab's Claw (Wooden Sword)
    • Scissors (Shears)
    • Sniper (Bow)
    • War Axe (Iron Axe)
    • Spoon (Wooden Shovel)
    • Fork (Wooden Pickaxe)
    • Knife (Stone Sword)
    • Glass Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Armors
    • King's Crown (Golden Helmet)
    • King's Armor (Golden Chestplate, Golden Leggings, Golden Boots)
    • Cardboard Wings (Elytra)
    • Steve's Mask (Chainmail Helmet)
    • Halo (Diamond Helmet)
  • Blocks
    • Cheese Block (Melon Block)
    • Tomato Crops (Beetroot Crops)
  • Mobs
    • Duck (Chicken)
  • Other
    • Tomato Seeds (Beetroot Seeds)
    • Cheese Seeds (Melon Seeds
    • Duck Spawn Egg (Chicken Spawn Egg)
    • Duck's Feather (Feather)
    • Duck's Egg (Egg)



  • Added ducks and related items
  • New armors: Full king outfit, Steve's Mask and Halo
  • New tools: Fork, Knife, Spoon, Glass Sword


You must follow all steps otherwise it will not work properly.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Settings > Global resources > Activate pack
  3. Restart Minecraft (important!)

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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4.85 / 5 (13 votes)
Can you add a halo asult rifle
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Can you add more guns im uesing this for a halo rp and i cant find any halo mods great pack tho
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Works for mcpe
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How do get it my bro has it and me jelly!
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Cool addon

Can you add more stuff like Burger fried egg and more
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No one has commented on this is a long time, but it still is a great pack!
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Can u make it let u make your own mods?
or a voxel map thx
-979980_tv hi youtube
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This is absolutely amazing.??
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Can we have glasses that ACTUALLY FIT at the eyes because I tried other glasses and they go at the top of my head
Add an iPad
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PhantomBro95 and the editor please make an update

My update suggestion:
Money/Bills (Emerald)
Coins (Gold ingot)
iPhone (Block of Coal)
Headphones (leather helmet)
Boys Casual Clothes (Chain Helmet, chain chestplate, chain leggings, chain pants)
Girls Casual clothes (iron helmet, iron chestplate, iron leggings, iron pants)
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I think The baby bottles would kinda be cool but not so much cuz not many of us wanna be babyish.
But I get where Unicorn is going because there is a texture called Crybabies and it's only on pc (look on YT)
And I kinda love the texture and the bottle...ughh
I don't know anymore
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e.e Baby bottles are a must
The thing they put in their mouth and suck on
:0 That would be life goals right there.
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Maybe you could add coffee for any chance?? Tea? I don't know! Starbucks? ?
Coffee wou-- Maybe a baby bottle? There's a texture pack called cry baby (cry babies I don't know ._.) and it has a bottle This is random but I hope I'm not saying much
e.e Baby bottle (Milk / Malk)
Coffee (regeneration potion??)
Thank u for reading this random request
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This is the best

Can you make more food like chips and tacos thanks ????
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