Published on June 24, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2021)

Pickaxe Evolution! - Mining Simulator!

Pickaxe Evolution is a mining simulator map where you can mine and upgrading Pickaxes! Collect hats & unlock epic dimensions the only goal on this map is mining ores and collect much coins & Gems as you can!

This map includes:

10 beautiful caves to explore and mine!

Coal caves

Iron caves

Diamond caves

Obsidian caves

Cave of tears

Deepslate caves


Cave of leafs

Crimson caves

Warped caves

Upgrade your pickaxe to the most powerful pickaxe in the map!

You can aslo collect hats, medals, power-up your pickaxes and collect coins!

Play challenges to win Gems💎!

Upgrade your house🏠 with builder Tom using coins!


-Don't cheat

-Stay in adventure Mode

-Multiplayer not allowed! (it will cause bugs and issues!)

Select version for changelog:


Thanks for playing my map!

The new update includes:

-2 new challenges

Maze challenge!

Tom's challenge!

-house upgrade feature

You can upgrade your house with coins

-bug fixes :)


Supported Minecraft versions

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