Published on March 03, 2019 (Updated on March 03, 2019)

Pillager Raid Concept Map (1.11 Beta)

A Concept Map where the players has to survive 6 waves of the pillagers. The compass will guide the player the location to each wave, The enemies will spawn more and get stronger each wave!


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Just NO
es para pe?
This map is so cool but the stupid adfly makes a long time to download
Cool is it also for pe?
The pillager and Ravagers Don damage me why?
The pillager dont damage me why?
Great map for a Pillager concept!
This map is definetly very cool,i can download and play the map but it wont work since i am an android player and raids dont work to well for minecrsft android(infact they dont even work,the raid bar fills up,and then it drains to zero and a annoying bell sound repeats itself)but i will definetly try it out(so maybe theres a solid chance that it works)