Published on July 20, 2020 (Updated on July 21, 2020)

Piranha Addon

Need more action in your Minecraft oceans?

Well, this addon is the one for you! This addon for Minecraft Bedrock adds a new mob: piranhas. It also adds a new projectile and modifies the behavior of the squid.

Iceball Demo Video:

Piranha Features:

- Attack almost all mobs and player (includes drowneds).

- Cause 2 damage.

- They attack within 15 blocks.

- Exclusive skin.

- They have others fish life

- You can eat the item, fill in 3 points and give poison for 25 seconds.

Squid changes:

- Now they attack you. Deal 3 damage.

- 25 block attack radius

Ice Ball Features:

- Deals 4 damage.

- Original texture.

- 9 are obtained by putting snowballs on the crafting table.

Select version for changelog:


- Updated iceball texture

- Added cooked piranha

- Updated piranha item texture

- Fixed bugs

Supported Minecraft versions

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you can make a prehistoric crocodile like sarcosuchus purussaurus
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