Published on November 10, 2016

Pirate Zombie Addon

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the textures bad
This the mod i want bow mod
I want a sword mode
The texture for the zombie is glitched
And also could you fix the glitch were you crash when you put the add on
Can you add more pirates,weapons,navy (so the pirates could fight them), and moving boats
There Is This Awful Glitch Where If I Try To Go To The Settings, It Crashes! And That’s Not All, If I Try To Go On Any Of My Worlds, It Crashes! I Really Need Help With This Glitch. It’s Frustrating Me...
Make a Pirate skeleton
Hello I love this mod its awesome!
Hello i got a problem in each addon i download
i cant see the pirate zombie all i can see is the clothing what should i do??
Someone make a superhero addon!!!
Wait a second I see this from the mojang website where there is a zombie combine with those stuff did you inpired from them
Pls Make GirlFriend or BoyFriend ADDON pls ;)
For people like me who just downloaded the resource pack and not the behavior pack, armor is able to be put on mobs, however, the recourse pack makes armor on mobs look really strange and buggy, so can you please fix that? I love the texture of the zombie by the way ??
Hey isn't this like the one for the mojang Minecraft addons symbol? Cool!
Yeah, you are right. Check the intro of this post. ;)