Pixel Gun Melee Weapons Add-on (2 New Weapons)

Do you like Pixel Gun? Have you ever wanted the weapons from Pixel Gun come to Minecraft? Well this add-on is for you, this add-on adds in 17 new craftable weapons (with more coming soon) in Minecraft from Pixel Gun. Each of these weapons have unique abilities and attack damage. Some of these weapons are pretty hard to craft so this will add an extra goal to your survival world. So grab your Jet Tenderizer and download this add-on :D.

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• Updated it the links Linkvertise! FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION!!! Linkvertise is actually simple.

• Added 2 new weapons

• Updated the description

• Added another gameplay picture

Thank you guys so much for downloading. Love you all!!!


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Can u make it to support 1.17 version?
Felipejsjsjsjsjsj April 09, 2021 at 2:24 pm
Mano da para eu gravar esee adon parece muito bom
Can you make pixel gun also add the melee
this is a type of weapons that messses with your mind
its just pixel looks like 3D but STILL ITS NOT 3D
Thank you <3
Hello, I wonder how I activate the addon. I mean, I enter the game, I go to resource packages and then I activate the behavior packs, I activate it then I activate the experimental game and I enter the game. I try to do a crafting and nothing helps me.
Can you update this? I wanna see some more (oh and btw you can make the pg3d guns Addon if you even make one ofc just put it as a separate addon so the file isnt too big plus the data may take longer so if you just make it a separate addon it can work better)
my name is inspired in pixel gun, love this addon
Seems like links don't work. It just redirects to adfly main page after a while.
Doesnt work on windows 10 minecraft 1.16.0
Awsome addon! My only suggestion would be to change the serenade so that it gives mobs a 5 sec weakness effect when their hit with it, I think this would better simulate the charm effect, still phenomenal work with the textures though! Can’t wait to see what comes next.
Im Pretty sure youre able to make custom guns like look in the new addons for today theres a musket addon so if you can PLEASE try and recreate every item / gun itd be amazing and people could recreatepixel gun into minecraft. Please jsut give it a go.