Published on October 27, 2021 (Updated on December 10, 2021)

Pixel UI

[This pack is a beta, report the bugs you find]

Bored of the Vanilla UI? Well, try Pixel UI! Pixel UI gives Minecraft a modern-looking User Interface as well as being controller friendly!

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1.1 Beta is out!


  • Added the servers menu!

     - This menu replaces the "Minecraft Realms" menu. So now it actually says "Minecraft Servers".


  • The play screen now works! 
  • Added an exit button to the Skins menu.
  • New coding schema.
  • Textures for dialogs and other single rectangles are now generated by the game, so there won't be need for textures anymore.


  • Pixel_UI.mcpack (11.48 MB)

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Pinned comment
I love this pack, however one bug that annoys me is that featured servers for some reason don’t show up although user servers do.
Is this compatible with 1.18.33?
great clean ui! but it hides featured servers. so I have to add the featured servers IP manually. But other than that, really good!
Overall pretty good, but I cant find my realm anywhere. If someone could tell me where it is that would be awesome!
For everyone: Download the first link! The one on the top!
best ui ever removes the moving bg so less main menu lag
This is a good ui! it looks like fly ui a bit but its better than fly ui! (Fly ui had a copyright sound i think) also i found a bug
Bug: if you try to add server then you can't and even you cannot play any featured servers or multiplayer and thats the bug also add all featured servers in multiplayer too
Looks like see... needs more stuff like a good image screen design and minus simplify cap from borders
WOw looks like a bad version of fly ui,, get your own style..even if you didnt copy
i mean some things could be improved, but u dont need to be THAT blunt
It isn't a version of Fly UI. Read the credits, the main menu copied is from dotJS's Adding JS to Minecraft video. I understand that Fly UI also uses MC Earth's icons but he owns neither the design or the icons.
this isn't fly ui duh stop saying it fly UI i check the codes, its defrent he din't copy it, it just design inspired BRUH.
It's an awesome UI pack, while I was testing the pack it gave an amazing feeling!
Stop say that it's a copy of Fly UI cause like Fly UI the creator are inspired by dot.JS Minecraft ui but you can see that this guy doesn't copy Fly if you look closely
The main menu Kinda the same as fly UI but bettef