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Published on March 14, 2020 (Updated on March 15, 2020)


Do you wanted a cool PVP pack? Then you are right here. The new PK PVP Texture Pack is a texture pack that you can use it for role play or pvp, survival,... 

The texture Pack is in a white and a black style. The texture Pack is made by rleon1012. 

A PVP pack by rleon1012 

The texture pack was held in a white and black stem. 

The tools have a cleaner Texture here. PS the item frame is also back but für the picture I evening's it

But you can also use the iron bars for Prison rope play 

The Stone is white and grey because many people like it. 

You can also us it for Bedwars (Sandstone is unchanged) I mad it in der the next Update. 

The edge has been changed for the wool.

The Stonebricks are also white 

The Armor also edited now the gold armor look like a kings armor

The sandstone has a colored edge because it can also be used as a survivel and PVP texture pack.

I really like the new ore texture they have the ruby texture but colored 

The Slime Textur looks with the Shader grey. 

I edited the cake because I like cakes. 

The Netherportal has a little bug. If you go 20 Bocks away it looks white

The sky looks beautiful it takes me 1Hour

I Made also a Playershader. 

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I made new textures and a new Feature image I wanted to upload th new image yesterday but my brother take the false 

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how? please add the oo old sound from minecraft sounds more real and thank you for the good pack
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What is yoru discord
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Player shader dosent work for me on xbox
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So, may I ask of what happened to the playershader? Or is that onlyt for IOS/Android players? Just out of curiousity.
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The player shader also works on x box, PS 4, win 10, ...
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PS I have made a new feature image but then I take the false?
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can you make a noise when hitting an arrow, snowball and egg? if yes this would be useful for pvp thank you
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