Published on April 23, 2021

Plain and Clean Armors

Plain and Clean Armors! 

This texture pack reduces lag to your world, realms, and even servers! 

This can improve your FPS! 

It goes from 60 - 240 FPS!

Armors included in the pack:

-Chain Armor

-Leather Armor

-Iron Armor

-Gold Armor

-Diamond Armor

-Netherite Armor


Armors that will be in the next update:

-Turtle Helmet



Supported Minecraft versions


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Maybe try to make another texture pack where the Armors looks better than Vanilla

But this texture is not bad at all
I kinda love that it looks like a Shirt or clothing lol
from 60 to 240!? that's misleading
Indeed This is False Information Armor textures Don't Increase Fps even if you Re texture it