PlaneCraft Add-on (Plane & Helicopter)

This is first plane addon that has take off and landing gear animations and have sound when you are flying!! This add-on has 8 aircrafts. It is easy to control.

Highlights of this Add-on

  • Aircrafts have take off – landing gear and propeller animations!
  • All aircrafts have sound when you are flying! (Not only the ground)

How to fly?

  • Look upward to fly.
  • Look downward to go down.

Aircrafts information

1.Small Plane

  • Seat : 4
  • Speed : 0.4
  • Texture : 6


  • Seat : 4
  • Speed : 0.4
  • Texture : 4
  • Special : This plane can path on the water.


  • Seat : 5
  • Speed : 0.3
  • Texture : 5

4.Private Jet

  • Seat : 7
  • Speed : 0.8
  • Texture : 4

5.Stealth Fighter

  • Seat : 1
  • Speed : 1.2
  • Texture : 1
  • Special : Can use Missile switch to shoot missile (/give @p zern:missile 64) Mobile – Press the screen to shoot, PC – Right click to shoot

6.Stealth Bomber

  • Seat : 2
  • Speed : 0.8
  • Texture : 1
  • Special : Can use Bomb switch to drop bomb (/give @p zern:bomb 64) Mobile – Press the screen to drop, PC – Right click to drop

7.Jumbo Jet

  • Seat : 34
  • Speed : 0.7
  • Texture : 18

8.Cargo Plane

  • Seat : 2
  • Speed : 0.7
  • Texture : 1
  • Special : This plane has container

Do not copy or modify my code.

Changelog View more
  • Fix bug plane invisible and download link
  • Add No Griefer Version for people who don't want Bomb and Missile


If add-on doesn't work you can use fix version link.


Supported Minecraft versions


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45 Responses

4.64 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. KthePro says:

    pls make aircrafts more hp sorry for bad English

  2. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice addon, can you make the small planes a bit faster?

  3. Abdal02 says:

    do we have to put the BP on top?? and other thing. can u pls add the missile and bomb switches to inventory??typing commands every now n then is a bit inconvenient sometimes…pls do reply brother…TIA….NICE ADDON!!!!!

  4. minecraft is my Iife says:

    lower your volume then

  5. can I use this for my map If i credit you?

  6. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    I love this but the plane engine is so loud

  7. Kourtis123 says:

    Hello. Please add and Aegean Airlines on jumbo planes

  8. yyshi says:

    It’s a great addon! as a real-world pilot, I like it a lot. At least for Minecraft, its good enough. However, there’s no way to fly in level, the altitude either go up or down. Also, when descending, multiple aircraft goes right into stall/steep drop instead of descending smoothly. is there anyway that can incorporate some of the aerodynamics of the elytra into the plane? Like the landing flare during touchdown. Beside that, fix these issues: 1. fly in level 2. descending stall issues 3. landing gear can be extended/retracted at a higher altitude, like 10 blocks AGL.
    Overall, its the BEST bedrock edition plane addon I’ve ever used, and its super stable!!! nice!!!

  9. MircasMC says:

    Good add on pls add GOL Airlines

  10. Addonuser334 says:

    Hello love the addon very much. With the cargo plane when it descends it stalls instead of gradually descending,please fix this issue and any other bugs in the following update.

  11. Bryan36 says:

    Good Addon !

  12. Ammar khan 47 says:

    Hello please make more plane and add vehicle for plane link fire fighter and push back vehicle

  13. Gojigojira says:

    Would be cool if you Added a blackhawk helicopter in the next update.

  14. The boi says:

    I like this mod now that i have tried it. Please make the screen tilt when you turn on the stealth jet. And make turning animations. And make the cargo plane door close when you take off. Also make the going up and down faster on the stealth jet please. And that’s it yea.

  15. The boi says:

    Oh yea and btw this may sound a little too much but add turning animations that make your screen go a bit sideways when you turn

  16. The boi says:

    Could you please make this for 1.14/education edition this mod is very cool btw. 10/10

  17. AmericanHawk says:

    Finally, a fleet of aircrafts for all those empty airport maps. Nice work, keep it up. Little request. If you are gonna go with a military helicopter, please make a blackhawk, maybe even with a moving stabilizer, it’s that rudder that lowers. It could go down like the landing gear when you land and would go up once your at least a few blocks up. Aside of that, I’d like to see where this is going.

  18. PoweredGod says:

    Works on 1.16.2 and REALMS, huge thankyou

  19. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Does this work with realms in 1.16, also will you update this? :0

  20. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    This is amazing! Also, could you make a “BoatCraft” Add-On?

  21. Abdal02 says:

    bro im unable to obtain the missiles, is it because im not 1.14 and ur addon only supports 1.16, or is there some other reason? i downloaded from fix link..pls help…TIA

  22. Wow! It’s so perfect. By the the way, can you make your own car addon as well?

  23. ManoMurga says:

    Hey there Zern! i absolutely loved the addon, it was the final piece for me to finnaly recreate a GTA inspired map, keep doing good addons like this, you’re inspiring our dreams!

    Btw, I would like to suggest a Attack helicopter and a jet inspired on the A-10 warthog, so we could BRRRT the creepers away, hehe.

  24. XwMANDINGUSwX says:

    Can you also make the helicopter faster. It’s too slow.

  25. XwMANDINGUSwX says:

    Can you add an attack chopper? Btw this is my fav add-on on MCBE.

  26. ValskraaCapo says:

    Bedrock addons are starting to get actually good! Even a direct Mediafire link 🙂

  27. WearyGuy says:

    I downloaded it on the first day on came out on your yt channel.
    Extremely satisfied!

  28. Chintatgaming says:

    Not that you must, but can you make it possible for us to craft the planes?

  29. Ammar khan 47 says:

    Hello can I use your addon on my Map I will sure credit you(sorry for bad English)

  30. LouisV says:

    WOW!. This addon sounds cool. Can’t wait to try it out!

  31. l BlacKMaster l says:

    interesting addon, could you tell me what tools you use to create your addons

  32. I think you copied the stealth bomber from a marketplace map did you but it’s fine I really like it keep up the good work

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