Published on January 24, 2021 (Updated on August 22, 2022)

Plants VS Zombies Bedrock [Beta 4 / 0.40]

Plants VS Zombies bedrock, it's a add-on that added the plants of the plants VS Zombies game, the add-on count with a variety of plants to choice and many features from enjoy the addon

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PvZ bedrcok 0.40, Patch notes:


  • Added Megagatling to the special seeds
  • Added Marigold to the premium seeds
  • Reworked Blockbuster's attack
  • Iceberg lettuce has tacobility now
  • Reworked all the models and animations of the plants


  • Reworked Gargantuar's attack and gameplay
  • Fixed bugs with Pharaoh mummy, Cammel mummy and Slave mummy
  • Now the vanilla zombies use his normal textures and models

Plants vs Rappers Features

  • Added "zom-bf"
  • Added bloom n' brainz music disc
  • Addeed bad bash music disc
  • Added rapper cap

Special features

  • Added an almanac like an official guide of the addon
  • Added the gramaphone
  • Added modern times music disc
  • Added ancient egypt music disc
  • Added wabby wabbo music disc
  • Added zombies on your lawn music disc
  • Added zombie time music disc
  • Added new congelation effects to the zombies
  • Added the pumpkin flower item
  • Added the blocky roots item
  • Renamed the "great torch" item to "explorer torch"

Another aspects

  • Changed the linkvertise link
  • Reworked all the imformation in the mcpedl page
  • Changed the image of the addon
  • Changed the Resource pack icon
  • Changed the Behavior pack icon
  • Added the recipe books to all the tables of the addon
  • Reworked the Gardener table to avoid the geometry issues
  • Removed U53RDV


Supported Minecraft versions

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can ỉt work with 1.20?
Hola Xer0 estoy trabajando en un mapa de PvZ con este genial addon, me preguntaría se me dejarás publicarlo en Planet Minecraft, obviamente te daré crédito y dejare el link a esta página
StephenRainelTheYoutuber July 19, 2023 at 10:08 pm
Add Pirate Seas Plants And Pirate Seas Zombies
more plants pls 100/10
Good job!
Please add more plants like dark age plants.
the addon is great but original Minecraft mobs are invisible and if you add any other addon the mobs will be invisible pls try fixing it
Can you make a crazy dave's car? Moreover, it is a space-time shuttle, which can carry several players.
Please add more plants like the jalapeño I love this mod! Also the coin conversion doesn't work D:
Also how do I get mega gatling pea in survival?
There is a problem when I was using this addon. Once I loaded this addon to my world, zombies and plants are invisible and Crazy Dave and objects are textureless. Is there something wrong with this addon or was it the game didn't allow it?
Did you put right the resource pack?
THE TURNIP STUDIOS OFFICIAL May 24, 2023 at 8:03 am
Am I Aloud To Use This For A Map Im Working On?
Yes you can. Just leave the mcpedl link of the addon
This add-on is dead?
There is some kind of "Warning" appearing and some models are invisible.
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?