Published on October 03, 2022

Platypus Axolotl

Welcome to another bedrock port of mine! This Pack named "Platypus Axolotl" was originally made by PixalthePixeled for Java Edition and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition. Platypus Axolotl pack replaces the look of axolotls to be a platypus, all variant textures and bucket included!

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do we have to name them
heres the thing, i hate axolotles, (hate me for my opinion) and i love platypusses so this is great!!
I recommend that instead of replacing it, add texture model variants, thus adding more diversity with a base mob already created🥸
i have downlode half of your addons and thy are all so good to play minecraft with it just makes minecraft better. if you ever are gonna be done making new mob or somthing else then i think thy good be together where all of wit is combined. just keep going
Doesn't Work