Published on September 10, 2023 (Updated on September 25, 2023)

Player Rename [2.0.0] (REWRITTEN)

Troll your friend with this easy to use add-on that can rename yourself or even hide your name! Even you're name in chat shows up! Type in chat !help to know the list of commands.

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  • Rewrote the add-on from scratch
  • most bugs are fixed
  • added a quick selector to !clear and !blank by just leaving the target blank.



Supported Minecraft versions

Hey, this addon work for server? im trying to use it on a aternos server but i dont see it working, it is with some others addon
remove the nasty command from your script please or make it usable by you only because if someone is even a bit smart then he can break all worlds that use this addon
This can be very useful for RPs :)
Unknown command: Please check if you have permission to use it.
Что делать?
you either have cheats disabled or isn't a operator.