Player Sit

This Pack Adds the Ability to sit on other player's heads. This was inspired by the Minecraft Ultimate Competition and the ability to sit on your teammates heads. Just jump on!

Player Sit

To Get On Your Friends You Use the Place block or Use Button.

After that you can ride them to your heart's content.

This Works In the Sky, In Air and in Water. It Even Works In a Boat or Minecart.

To get on them on a mobile device hold down on them until you are sitting on them, on other devices use the place block button.To Exit Your Friends Just Simply Press the Jump Button. 


This addon is not compatible with a large amount of other addons due to the use of the player.json file.

What the pack looks like when enabled:

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Updated the download links to the submission to be inside of MCPEDL.


Download the Pack and then equip the behavior pack. The Resource Pack should automatically apply. 


  • PlayerSit.mcaddon (33.55 KB)

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Good addon but can i translate this addon to thai laguage ? I can help you
Contact me in discord ☣▓Laycraftingch▓☣#1311
(You have discord... right?)
darknesscompellsyou October 14, 2020 at 3:47 pm
could you make this for education edition? if possible-
This should work for Education Edition
And I DON'T HAVE THAT Discord,so please don't say:"Join my Discord/My Discord Server"....Someone also don't have DISCORD....
I am sorry that you were annoyed by that however I have it there because it is the quickest way to contact me.
And I want to know is this addon works on Fast O Miner Horse Tweak,when 1 Player is controlling a boat,then another 1 player is riding a Horse and the last Player is RIDING the PLAYER THAT RIDE THE HORSE....
Good addon!!!My sister now sit at me when I'm flying hahahahaaha
este es la tipica cosa que no ocupas pero aun asi lo compras muy bonito tu addon bro
(Translated From English)

Muchas gracias! ¿Le gustaría una próxima actualización en español? Lo siento por mi mal español, usé el Traductor de Google.
Pero si es gratis, aquí no compras nada.