Published on April 23, 2021 (Updated on August 26, 2022)

Expansive Biomes v1.6.2 (1.19 Support!)

Want new biomes to explore in your Minecraft world? Expansive Biomes adds 20+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore, with more being added in the future!

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  • -added a new Cherry Blossom Leaf block variant
  • -updated texture of Redwood blocks
  • -updated texture of Cherry Blossom Logs
  • -updated texture of Jacaranda Log Top
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now grow on Redwood Logs
  • -Brittlebright blocks will now emit particles
  • -added falling leaf particles to Autumn Forest trees
  • -removed the flammable component temporarily due to the bug mentioned above


  • -improved Bog Swamp biome
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be found more often in Redwood Forests
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be found in Coniferous, Deciduous, and Mystic forest biomes
  • -increased the amount of bushes in Redwood Forests
  • -Cherry Blossom Forest trees are now slightly more dense
  • -increased the spawn rate of double flowers in certain biomes
  • -lowered the spawn rate of beehives in Pendula Forests
  • -lowered the amount of spore blossoms in Mystic Forests
  • -added tall dark oak trees to Mystic Forest
  • -added Vertical Moss Carpet to Mystic, Deciduous, Penudla, Coniferous, and Redwood forest biomes
  • -Vibranium Ore can now only be found between y-levels 16 through -64
  • -slightly increased the spawn rate of Vibranium Ore


  • -lowered spawn rate of Yeti in frozen biomes
  • -Grizzly and Black bears now have a stomp attack animation
  • -Grizzly Bears will now attack villagers and Deer


  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be crafted into Brown Mushrooms


  • -fixed a bug that prevented Redwood Logs from being stripped
  • -fixed a bug that caused majority of blocks to not work on Realms/servers


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I concur with NoobMaster27 and Aristides. This is absolutely one of my favorite mods - I wish Mojangosoft would stop making updates that screws them up like this!!!!
The Best Addon Of Biomes Please Update For 1.19.41 🙏
Atualiza por favor
Curent redwood and cherry logs are shown as update blocks. However, Ii worries me that new terrain generated render new redwood and cherry trees without logs :( I'm afraid of exploring my world and leaving it unfixable.
Please update for 1.19.40 because everything is broken in 1.19.40, including the creative inventory
Logs/Planks showing up as update blocks (lavender, redwood, cherry) 1.19.40.

Please help
Add Cherry, Redwood and Jacaranda Doors
Hey! As always awesome job. Just came to report a bug: I used to have a problem with vibranium skeleton being invisible that was fixed with this update, thanks for that. However something happened on this update that the new textures for redwood and cherry are not showing. Even saplings grow leaves only. Tested on realms and aternos server using pocket edition.
Amazing addon, I love that vibranium's armor and tools
Best biome addon!
Best biome addon
The download is trying to make me download a browser can you change it?
Should be fixed now, not sure why that step was enabled.
I'll update my game and this mod once the issue with tools have been fixed, i can wait a bit longer for the patch.
i love this mod/ addon son keep up the good work dev.
hola hay un error se duplica la espada de vibranium cuando el personaje muere por mob o por caida o de otra manera :) me gusta este complemento por que es compatible con muchos otros complementos y aparte de este error no encontré mas, si es que encuentro vuelvo por aqui a reportar :)
So I use this mod a lot with my others and I use seeds so I don’t get scared about the new biomes