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Published on October 14, 2015 (Updated on October 14, 2015)

Pocket Creatures Mod

Pocket Creatures adds 53 new animals to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Everything from rideable mammoths, ostriches and elephants to vicious sea creatures like the white shark. All animals got amazing textures and look stunningly similar to how they look in real life. But of course, with a touch of Minecraft's blocky design.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account


If you ever find yourself in a savannah biome look out for elephants. Elephants can be tamed and used to ride on.

Feed an elephant with some sugar lumps to tame it. Once you see some friendly hearts then you can tap on the elephants with an elephant saddle. Then tap on the elephant with an empty hand to ride it.

  • Elephant Spawn Egg (2800)
  • Elephant Saddle (2747) - 2 leather + 5 white wool + 2 iron ingots
  • Sugar Lump (2748) - 1 sugar

There are two types of elephants. The light grey is an Asian elephant and the dark grey an African elephant.


The mammoth is an ancient animal which lived a very long time ago. But in Minecraft, they are still living and got similar traits to elephants such as the abilities to being tamed and ridden.

Tap on a mammoth with some sugar lumps to try to tame it. If you are successful some heart particles will appear. Now you can place an elephant saddle on the mammoth to ride it.

  • Mammoth Spawn Egg (2833)
  • Elephant Saddle (2747) - 2 leather + 5 white wool + 2 iron ingots
  • Sugar Lump (2748) - 1 sugar


Ostriches are flightless birds which while it's not as common can be ridden on. They are quite fast animals so make sure to be safe.

There are two types of ostriches:

  • Female: shy, runs away, buries their head in the ground if they get cornered (that's actually a myth, but in Minecraft it's true!)
  • Male: Hostile creatures, will not give up without a fight

Hold a carrot in front of an ostrich to bait it. As you do this it will start approaching you and drop Ostrich Eggs. Use these Ostrich Eggs to attempt to spawn a small ostrich. Once the ostrich has grown up you can place a normal saddle on it to ride it.

  • Ostrich Spawn Egg (2803)
  • Ostrich Egg (2743) - dropped by ostriches


Zebras are beautiful animals usually spawning in groups of 4 in savannah biomes. You can tame it by feeding it wheat (tap on the zebra with the wheat). Then once you see some heart particles place a normal saddle on the back of the zebra to ride it. While riding it tap on it to make it jump.

  • Zebra Spawn Egg (2805)


Fish tanks are for home decorations. Currently it is only possible to capture fishes in fish tanks. In the future you are supposed to be able to have your own aquariums where you keep the fishes.

To capture some fishes you first need to fill an empty tank with some water to get a water tank. Then tap on an alive fish with the water tank to capture the fish. The captured fish can then be released elsewhere such as in an aquarium which you should be able to craft in the future.

The creator of the mod has confirmed that aquariums don't work for now due to BlockLauncher issues. It will be fixed in whenever BlockLauncher fixes the cause of the issue.


The white shark (spawn egg ID: 2820), also known as the white death, is as you probably can imagine by the name not exactly a water creature you want to to be anywhere near in the water. Make sure to swim away - quickly - if you ever come across one because it's extremely dangerous.

Sharks drop teeth (item ID: 2761) which can be used to craft a shark sword and a shark teeth collar armor.

It will try to kill anything which drops into the water.

  • Shark Sword (2762) - 4 shark teeth + 3 sticks
  • Shark Teeth Sword (2763) - 1 shark tooth + 3 strings

Hammerheads (spawn egg ID: 2821) are neutral sharks. They will only attack if they are attacked first.

Other Animals

Turtles (spawn egg ID: 2815) are beautiful creatures which can both swim and walk on land. Just watch out because one of the turtles is a "Notch turtle" and will explode if you get close enough. These creatures are found in swamps.

Tap on them with some carrots to tame them. Once a turtle is tamed tap on it with an empty hand to get the resistance effect (level 2-3 depending on the size of the turtle).

Armadillos (spawn egg ID: 2823) are small animals with a leathery armor shell. Use a carrot to bait them.

Lions (spawn egg ID: 2824) are big cats which look really cute, especially the lion cubs, but don't be fool. They can be deadly.

The baby lions can be tamed similar to a wolf with some bones. They will grow larger by time.

Tigers (spawn egg ID: 2825) are the largest cat species and as a result is a quite vicious beast if given the opportunity.

Similar to lions, the baby tigers can be tamed with some bones similar to wolves.

Velociraptors (spawn egg ID: 2843) roamed the earth 75 to 71 millions years ago but now they can also be found in Minecraft PE in mountains and taiga.

Sometimes they will drop a Velociraptor Egg when they are killed. These eggs can be used to have a chance of spawning a Velociraptoc which can be tamed similarly to a wolf with some bones.

Chameleons (spawn egg ID: 2806) can change colors depending on which terrain they are in. Tame them with some melon seeds (hit them with it to tame). When you've tamed it hit it with an empty hand to make them jump up on your head and give you the invisibility effect.

Whales (spawn egg ID: 2832) are the biggest animals in the mod. It has a lot of health and drops lots of fish.

There are several different types of snakes (spawn egg ID: 2847). Some of them are poisonous.

Stingrays (spawn egg ID: 2834) are poisonous sea creatures which doesn't like humans who get too close. They drop stingers (item ID: 2760) which can be used to inflict poisonous damage on enemies.

Blowfishes (spawn egg ID: 2842) are poisonous fishes which will attack only in defence.

Jellyfishes (spawn egg ID: 2814) have existed for at least 500 million years which make them an incredibly old animal. In Minecraft they are found in groups of three and is poisonous if the player try to approach or attack it.

Giraffes (spawn egg ID: 2835) are recognizable because of their incredible long neck and its unique coat patterns.

Goats (spawn egg ID: 2802) love to eat. They eat dropped items, grass, bushes and flowers.

Gorillas (spawn egg ID: 2836) are found in jungle biomes and usually spawn in groups (of up to five monkeys). They are neutral creatures and if you attack one of them the rest will follow in a defensive attack, so be careful!

Chimps (spawn egg ID: 2852) are small monkeys which can be found in the jungle. If you get close to a chimp it will offer you a melon. To retrieve the gift tap on it with an empty hand.

Camels (spawn egg ID: 2818) are non-hostile animals usually living in the desert where they travel from one water source to another. They can usually found in groups of two.

Black bears (spawn egg ID: 2829) are big and hairy animals which should be left alone in case you want to assure your own safety. The bear cubs can be tamed like wolves and will grow larger as time pasts.

Moles (spawn egg ID: 2816) can be found in forests, plains and in taigas. Tap on them with some carrots to tame them. Once tamed, tap on them with an empty hand and they will jump up on your head. While there, they will give you night vision and the ability to dig faster.

Penguins (spawn egg ID: 2844) can be found in cool beaches where there's snow. They really like to swim.

Snow seal (spawn egg ID: 2840) are usually found in cool beaches where there's some water as they like to go for a swim once in a while. They are very fast swimmers.

Normal seals (spawn egg ID: 2839) can be found in warmer biomes like beaches and stone beaches. They can be found both in the water (where they are fast swimmers) and on land.

Deers (spawn egg ID: 2812) are naturally scared of humans. They will run away if they see you. It's perfect if you want a good hunting challenge. Found in most types of forests.

Squirrels (spawn egg ID: 2837) are fast little creatures spawning in dtaigas and forests and they will run away if they see you. Use a carrot to bait them.

Roadrunner (spawn egg ID: 2846) is a fast bird which didn't exactly want to be captured on picture. Any time we got close it quickly started to run away.

Tame it with some seeds (heart particles indicates it's tamed). If you hit a tamed roadrunner with your empty hand it will jump up on your head and give you level 3 speed effect.

Lizards (2838) are small reptiles scared of humans. They can be found in deserts, jungles, mesas and extreme hills biomes.

Bisons (spawn egg ID: 2817) have a big body which is covered by thick fur. This coat allows them to live in cold snow plains but sometimes they also appear on the savannah.

Alpacas (spawn egg ID: 2801) look like small llamas. They are primarily bred for their fur. Perhaps we will be able to shear an alpaca in the future. These little fellas can be found in extreme hills.

Rats (spawn egg ID: 2841) are both hated and loved. Some keep them as pets (not yet possible in this mod) while others would scream if they saw one. In Pocket Creatures they are as big as sewer rats and hostile too.

Seahorses (spawn egg ID: 2822) can be found in the water and similar to fishes they are harmless.

Piranhas (spawn egg ID: 2845) are deadly. There have caused many deaths in real life of humans who have been attacked by large groups of piranhas. Similarly to real life we recommend you to stay away.

Leopards (spawn egg ID: 2826) is one of the big five cats and is one of the fastest ones. There are three types: snow leopard, panter and a normal one. They can be found in the jungle and forests. One type also appears in snow mountains.

The baby leopars can be tamed with some bones similar to wolves.

Ducks (spawn egg ID: 2848) must be the most harmless animals in the mod. They can only be found in swamp biomes.

Dolphins (spawn egg ID: 2819) can be found in the ocean where they swim. They will be friendly toward you. Some of the dolphins are pink.

Boars (spawn egg ID: 2849) are can be found on the savannah, usually in groups of 1-3. They are passive as pigs which means they will never attack you, instead they will just try to run away if being attacked.

Crocodiles (spawn egg: ID: 2851) spawn in groups of three. Whenever you get close to a crocodile it will stop moving in an attempt not to be seen.

If you get close enough it will bite you. This is one of the most dangerous animals you can come across.

Octopus (spawn egg ID: 2831) spawns in water usually on deep oceans.

Polar Bears (spawn egg ID: 2827) are hostile animals which can be found in snow plains. The bear cubs (baby bears) can be tamed similar to how you tame a wolf with bones. Over time they will grow up and become your loyal bear pet.

Grizzly Bears (spawn egg ID: 2828) are hostile animals which spawn in taigas. The bear cubs (or baby bears) can be tamed like wolves with bones. They will grow larger over time.

Panda (spawn egg ID: 2830) bears can be found in birch forests.


There are 9 new birds. It's a mix of both exotic ones like the parrot and then also more common ones like the crow.

Fishing Net

The fishing net can be used for catching small aquatic animals. Such ones include squids, jellyfishes, piranhas, seahorses and fishes.

  • Fishing Net (2699) - 4 strings


Some of the animals can be killed for their furs and hides which then can be used to craft three different armor sets.

Reptile Armor Set:

  • Reptile Helmet (2778) - 5 reptile hides
  • Reptile Chestplate (2779) - 8 reptile hides
  • Reptile Leggings (2780) - 7 reptile hides
  • Reptile Boots (2781) - 4 reptile hides
  • Reptile Hide (2777) - dropped by crocodiles, chameleons

Hide Armor Set:

  • Hide Helmet (2752) - 5 hides
  • Hide Chestplate (2753) - 8 hides
  • Hide Leggings (2754) - 7 hides
  • Hide Boots (2755) - 4 hides
  • Hide (2751) - dropped by black bears, mammoths, seals, chimps

Fur Armor Set: 

  • Fur Helmet (2765) - 5 fur
  • Fur Chestplate (2766) - 8 fur
  • Fur Leggings (2767) - 7 fur
  • Fur Boots (2768) - 4 fur
  • Fur (2764) - dropped by polar bears, panda bears, snow seals

Spawn Eggs

  • Dolphin (2819)
  • White Shark (2820)
  • Hammerhead Shark (2821)
  • Stringray (2834)
  • Piranha (2845)
  • Velociraptor (2843)
  • Snake (2847)
  • Rat (2841)
  • Penguin (2844)
  • Turtle (2815
  • Crocodile (2851)
  • Armadillo (2823)
  • Ostrich (2803)
  • Roadrunner (2846)
  • Duck (2848)
  • Boar (2849)
  • Mole (2816)
  • Giraffe (2835)
  • Gorilla (2836)
  • Goat (2802)
  • Elephant (2800)
  • Deer (2812)
  • Camel (2818)
  • Chameleon (2806)
  • Bison (2817)
  • Alpaca (2801)
  • Little Bird (2807)
  • Macaw (2808)
  • Owl (2809)
  • Seagull (2810)
  • Crow (2811)
  • Polar Bear (2827)
  • Grizzly Bear (2828)
  • Black Bear (2829)
  • Panda (2830)
  • Snow Seal (2840)
  • Seal (2839)
  • Jellyfish (2814)
  • Squirrel (2837)
  • Lizard (2838)
  • Whale (2832)
  • Seahorse (2822)
  • Small Fish (2804)
  • Pufferfish (2842)
  • Lion (2824)
  • Tiger (2825)
  • Leopard (2826)
  • Duck (2848)
  • Tapir (2850)
  • Roadrunner (2846)


  • Where does the animals spawn?
    Every animal spawn in their specific biomes. Gorillas in jungles, camels in deserts etc. If you can't find the animals make sure you've got the latest version of BlockLauncher installed.
  • Will animals save if I exit the game to return later?
    Yes, in the latest release this works.
  • Why are there no horses?
    Horses was removed in the latest update. If you want horses, then use the Horses Mod.

Install Guide

Latest release works with 0.14+! All mobs will save when you exit the game from now on!

  1. Use the download links further down to download the mod (.js) and textures (.zip).
  2. Start the BlockLauncher app and load the textures .ZIP.
  3. Import the .JS script (mod file) using BlockLauncher.
  4. Restart BlockLauncher and then go in-game and use all the new features that come with the mod.

Download Mod (Required)
Download Textures (Required)

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Black panther
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