Pocket Creatures Mod

Pocket Creatures adds 53 new animals to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Everything from rideable mammoths, ostriches and elephants to vicious sea creatures like the white shark. All animals got amazing textures and look stunningly similar to how they look in real life. But of course, with a touch of Minecraft‘s blocky design.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account



If you ever find yourself in a savannah biome look out for elephants. Elephants can be tamed and used to ride on.

Feed an elephant with some sugar lumps to tame it. Once you see some friendly hearts then you can tap on the elephants with an elephant saddle. Then tap on the elephant with an empty hand to ride it.

  • Elephant Spawn Egg (2800)
  • Elephant Saddle (2747) – 2 leather + 5 white wool + 2 iron ingots
  • Sugar Lump (2748) – 1 sugar

There are two types of elephants. The light grey is an Asian elephant and the dark grey an African elephant.



The mammoth is an ancient animal which lived a very long time ago. But in Minecraft, they are still living and got similar traits to elephants such as the abilities to being tamed and ridden.

Tap on a mammoth with some sugar lumps to try to tame it. If you are successful some heart particles will appear. Now you can place an elephant saddle on the mammoth to ride it.

  • Mammoth Spawn Egg (2833)
  • Elephant Saddle (2747) – 2 leather + 5 white wool + 2 iron ingots
  • Sugar Lump (2748) – 1 sugar

mammoth-1 mammoth-2


Ostriches are flightless birds which while it’s not as common can be ridden on. They are quite fast animals so make sure to be safe.

There are two types of ostriches:

  • Female: shy, runs away, buries their head in the ground if they get cornered (that’s actually a myth, but in Minecraft it’s true!)
  • Male: Hostile creatures, will not give up without a fight

Hold a carrot in front of an ostrich to bait it. As you do this it will start approaching you and drop Ostrich Eggs. Use these Ostrich Eggs to attempt to spawn a small ostrich. Once the ostrich has grown up you can place a normal saddle on it to ride it.

  • Ostrich Spawn Egg (2803)
  • Ostrich Egg (2743) – dropped by ostriches

ostriches1ostrich2 1ostrich


Zebras are beautiful animals usually spawning in groups of 4 in savannah biomes. You can tame it by feeding it wheat (tap on the zebra with the wheat). Then once you see some heart particles place a normal saddle on the back of the zebra to ride it. While riding it tap on it to make it jump.

  • Zebra Spawn Egg (2805)

zebra-1 zebra-riding


Fish tanks are for home decorations. Currently it is only possible to capture fishes in fish tanks. In the future you are supposed to be able to have your own aquariums where you keep the fishes.

To capture some fishes you first need to fill an empty tank with some water to get a water tank. Then tap on an alive fish with the water tank to capture the fish. The captured fish can then be released elsewhere such as in an aquarium which you should be able to craft in the future.

The creator of the mod has confirmed that aquariums don’t work for now due to BlockLauncher issues. It will be fixed in whenever BlockLauncher fixes the cause of the issue.



The white shark (spawn egg ID: 2820), also known as the white death, is as you probably can imagine by the name not exactly a water creature you want to to be anywhere near in the water. Make sure to swim away – quickly – if you ever come across one because it’s extremely dangerous.

Sharks drop teeth (item ID: 2761) which can be used to craft a shark sword and a shark teeth collar armor.

It will try to kill anything which drops into the water.

  • Shark Sword (2762) – 4 shark teeth + 3 sticks
  • Shark Teeth Sword (2763) – 1 shark tooth + 3 strings


Hammerheads (spawn egg ID: 2821) are neutral sharks. They will only attack if they are attacked first.


Other Animals

Turtles (spawn egg ID: 2815) are beautiful creatures which can both swim and walk on land. Just watch out because one of the turtles is a “Notch turtle” and will explode if you get close enough. These creatures are found in swamps.

Tap on them with some carrots to tame them. Once a turtle is tamed tap on it with an empty hand to get the resistance effect (level 2-3 depending on the size of the turtle).


Armadillos (spawn egg ID: 2823) are small animals with a leathery armor shell. Use a carrot to bait them.


Lions (spawn egg ID: 2824) are big cats which look really cute, especially the lion cubs, but don’t be fool. They can be deadly.

The baby lions can be tamed similar to a wolf with some bones. They will grow larger by time.


Tigers (spawn egg ID: 2825) are the largest cat species and as a result is a quite vicious beast if given the opportunity.

Similar to lions, the baby tigers can be tamed with some bones similar to wolves.


Velociraptors (spawn egg ID: 2843) roamed the earth 75 to 71 millions years ago but now they can also be found in Minecraft PE in mountains and taiga.

Sometimes they will drop a Velociraptor Egg when they are killed. These eggs can be used to have a chance of spawning a Velociraptoc which can be tamed similarly to a wolf with some bones.


Chameleons (spawn egg ID: 2806) can change colors depending on which terrain they are in. Tame them with some melon seeds (hit them with it to tame). When you’ve tamed it hit it with an empty hand to make them jump up on your head and give you the invisibility effect.


Whales (spawn egg ID: 2832) are the biggest animals in the mod. It has a lot of health and drops lots of fish.


There are several different types of snakes (spawn egg ID: 2847). Some of them are poisonous.


Stingrays (spawn egg ID: 2834) are poisonous sea creatures which doesn’t like humans who get too close. They drop stingers (item ID: 2760) which can be used to inflict poisonous damage on enemies.


Blowfishes (spawn egg ID: 2842) are poisonous fishes which will attack only in defence.


Jellyfishes (spawn egg ID: 2814) have existed for at least 500 million years which make them an incredibly old animal. In Minecraft they are found in groups of three and is poisonous if the player try to approach or attack it.


Giraffes (spawn egg ID: 2835) are recognizable because of their incredible long neck and its unique coat patterns.


Goats (spawn egg ID: 2802) love to eat. They eat dropped items, grass, bushes and flowers.


Gorillas (spawn egg ID: 2836) are found in jungle biomes and usually spawn in groups (of up to five monkeys). They are neutral creatures and if you attack one of them the rest will follow in a defensive attack, so be careful!


Chimps (spawn egg ID: 2852) are small monkeys which can be found in the jungle. If you get close to a chimp it will offer you a melon. To retrieve the gift tap on it with an empty hand.

chimp-2 chimp-1

Camels (spawn egg ID: 2818) are non-hostile animals usually living in the desert where they travel from one water source to another. They can usually found in groups of two.


Black bears (spawn egg ID: 2829) are big and hairy animals which should be left alone in case you want to assure your own safety. The bear cubs can be tamed like wolves and will grow larger as time pasts.


Moles (spawn egg ID: 2816) can be found in forests, plains and in taigas. Tap on them with some carrots to tame them. Once tamed, tap on them with an empty hand and they will jump up on your head. While there, they will give you night vision and the ability to dig faster.


Penguins (spawn egg ID: 2844) can be found in cool beaches where there’s snow. They really like to swim.


Snow seal (spawn egg ID: 2840) are usually found in cool beaches where there’s some water as they like to go for a swim once in a while. They are very fast swimmers.


Normal seals (spawn egg ID: 2839) can be found in warmer biomes like beaches and stone beaches. They can be found both in the water (where they are fast swimmers) and on land.


Deers (spawn egg ID: 2812) are naturally scared of humans. They will run away if they see you. It’s perfect if you want a good hunting challenge. Found in most types of forests.


Squirrels (spawn egg ID: 2837) are fast little creatures spawning in dtaigas and forests and they will run away if they see you. Use a carrot to bait them.


Roadrunner (spawn egg ID: 2846) is a fast bird which didn’t exactly want to be captured on picture. Any time we got close it quickly started to run away.

Tame it with some seeds (heart particles indicates it’s tamed). If you hit a tamed roadrunner with your empty hand it will jump up on your head and give you level 3 speed effect.


Lizards (2838) are small reptiles scared of humans. They can be found in deserts, jungles, mesas and extreme hills biomes.


Bisons (spawn egg ID: 2817) have a big body which is covered by thick fur. This coat allows them to live in cold snow plains but sometimes they also appear on the savannah.


Alpacas (spawn egg ID: 2801) look like small llamas. They are primarily bred for their fur. Perhaps we will be able to shear an alpaca in the future. These little fellas can be found in extreme hills.


Rats (spawn egg ID: 2841) are both hated and loved. Some keep them as pets (not yet possible in this mod) while others would scream if they saw one. In Pocket Creatures they are as big as sewer rats and hostile too.


Seahorses (spawn egg ID: 2822) can be found in the water and similar to fishes they are harmless.


Piranhas (spawn egg ID: 2845) are deadly. There have caused many deaths in real life of humans who have been attacked by large groups of piranhas. Similarly to real life we recommend you to stay away.


Leopards (spawn egg ID: 2826) is one of the big five cats and is one of the fastest ones. There are three types: snow leopard, panter and a normal one. They can be found in the jungle and forests. One type also appears in snow mountains.

The baby leopars can be tamed with some bones similar to wolves.


Ducks (spawn egg ID: 2848) must be the most harmless animals in the mod. They can only be found in swamp biomes.


Dolphins (spawn egg ID: 2819) can be found in the ocean where they swim. They will be friendly toward you. Some of the dolphins are pink.


Boars (spawn egg ID: 2849) are can be found on the savannah, usually in groups of 1-3. They are passive as pigs which means they will never attack you, instead they will just try to run away if being attacked.


Crocodiles (spawn egg: ID: 2851) spawn in groups of three. Whenever you get close to a crocodile it will stop moving in an attempt not to be seen.


If you get close enough it will bite you. This is one of the most dangerous animals you can come across.


Octopus (spawn egg ID: 2831) spawns in water usually on deep oceans.


Polar Bears (spawn egg ID: 2827) are hostile animals which can be found in snow plains. The bear cubs (baby bears) can be tamed similar to how you tame a wolf with bones. Over time they will grow up and become your loyal bear pet.


Grizzly Bears (spawn egg ID: 2828) are hostile animals which spawn in taigas. The bear cubs (or baby bears) can be tamed like wolves with bones. They will grow larger over time.


Panda (spawn egg ID: 2830) bears can be found in birch forests.



There are 9 new birds. It’s a mix of both exotic ones like the parrot and then also more common ones like the crow.


Fishing Net

The fishing net can be used for catching small aquatic animals. Such ones include squids, jellyfishes, piranhas, seahorses and fishes.

  • Fishing Net (2699) – 4 strings



Some of the animals can be killed for their furs and hides which then can be used to craft three different armor sets.

Reptile Armor Set:

  • Reptile Helmet (2778) – 5 reptile hides
  • Reptile Chestplate (2779) – 8 reptile hides
  • Reptile Leggings (2780) – 7 reptile hides
  • Reptile Boots (2781) – 4 reptile hides
  • Reptile Hide (2777) – dropped by crocodiles, chameleons


Hide Armor Set:

  • Hide Helmet (2752) – 5 hides
  • Hide Chestplate (2753) – 8 hides
  • Hide Leggings (2754) – 7 hides
  • Hide Boots (2755) – 4 hides
  • Hide (2751) – dropped by black bears, mammoths, seals, chimps


Fur Armor Set: 

  • Fur Helmet (2765) – 5 fur
  • Fur Chestplate (2766) – 8 fur
  • Fur Leggings (2767) – 7 fur
  • Fur Boots (2768) – 4 fur
  • Fur (2764) – dropped by polar bears, panda bears, snow seals


Spawn Eggs

  • Dolphin (2819)
  • White Shark (2820)
  • Hammerhead Shark (2821)
  • Stringray (2834)
  • Piranha (2845)
  • Velociraptor (2843)
  • Snake (2847)
  • Rat (2841)
  • Penguin (2844)
  • Turtle (2815
  • Crocodile (2851)
  • Armadillo (2823)
  • Ostrich (2803)
  • Roadrunner (2846)
  • Duck (2848)
  • Boar (2849)
  • Mole (2816)
  • Giraffe (2835)
  • Gorilla (2836)
  • Goat (2802)
  • Elephant (2800)
  • Deer (2812)
  • Camel (2818)
  • Chameleon (2806)
  • Bison (2817)
  • Alpaca (2801)
  • Little Bird (2807)
  • Macaw (2808)
  • Owl (2809)
  • Seagull (2810)
  • Crow (2811)
  • Polar Bear (2827)
  • Grizzly Bear (2828)
  • Black Bear (2829)
  • Panda (2830)
  • Snow Seal (2840)
  • Seal (2839)
  • Jellyfish (2814)
  • Squirrel (2837)
  • Lizard (2838)
  • Whale (2832)
  • Seahorse (2822)
  • Small Fish (2804)
  • Pufferfish (2842)
  • Lion (2824)
  • Tiger (2825)
  • Leopard (2826)
  • Duck (2848)
  • Tapir (2850)
  • Roadrunner (2846)


  • Where does the animals spawn?
    Every animal spawn in their specific biomes. Gorillas in jungles, camels in deserts etc. If you can’t find the animals make sure you’ve got the latest version of BlockLauncher installed.
  • Will animals save if I exit the game to return later?
    Yes, in the latest release this works.
  • Why are there no horses?
    Horses was removed in the latest update. If you want horses, then use the Horses Mod.

Install Guide

Latest release works with 0.14+! All mobs will save when you exit the game from now on!

  1. Use the download links further down to download the mod (.js) and textures (.zip).
  2. Start the BlockLauncher app and load the textures .ZIP.
  3. Import the .JS script (mod file) using BlockLauncher.
  4. Restart BlockLauncher and then go in-game and use all the new features that come with the mod.

Download Mod (Required)
Download Textures (Required)

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    Yeah you can, we wanted that for windows 10.

  106. Amy says:

    Please please please make it available for windows 10!!! looks like such an awesome mod but i can’t play it 🙁

  107. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to download

  108. Evelyn Vela Zamora says:


  109. HELTERSKELTER says:

    Why i can’t install this mod with blocklauncher. It always crash when i open, i also try with MCPE master but same as i used the blocklauncher. I have the latest version Minecraft and block launcher

  110. Hi says:

    Why can’t iOS download it, I need this ADD ON NOW

  111. Slim4fun says:

    I’ve also been wanting this for a while now,its everything ive wanted, but I have windows 10, I really hope it can be made compatible :3
    also, I’ve tried downloading it on my pocket edition, but it hasnt worked :/
    it keeps taking me to adfly, then another site, back to adfly and then it just dosnt load any further ;c

  112. Anonymous says:

    Please add bunnies

  113. StampylongfanYT says:

    Hi! 🙂 This add-on is like, everything: I’ve wanted it for a LONG time now! Is it planned to be made for Windows 10? I just got new iOS devices for Christmas, and I really only would want to download things on my W10 to avoid getting viruses (I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a virus from mcpedl but I want to be safe.Thank You 🙂

  114. Waffle says:

    Please make an update for 1.2.8

  115. OliviaL says:

    Is this only for andriod? Is there anything like this, but for iOS ?

  116. Alpha says:

    Somebody please tell me jow to download this mod?I want it!

  117. Bill says:

    Will it work on Minecraft pe?

  118. Issie says:

    can u make dis mod work on windows 10 pls i rlly want dis mod

  119. Koko says:

    Will this work for 1.2.5

  120. Olivea Goldtrap 77 says:

    Great mode!

  121. Olivea Glodtrap says:

    Great mode !!! Thank you

  122. Crystal_Angel says:

    Hi! May I know if there will be an update to this Mod such that I will be able to play with this on for Version 1.2? When I looked at the pictures and read the description + comments, I couldn’t help but find it AMAZING. I really hope someone reads my comment. 🙂

  123. Anonymous says:

    This is Stupid it doesn’t work

  124. Jack says:

    I know a lot of people have asked you this, but when do you think the mod will come out on iOS?

  125. LUNAR says:


  126. TheEnderFlame73 says:

    And what is all the letters and stuff about. How do you get that onto your minecraft world????

  127. TheEnderFlame73 says:

    How do you upload the mod onto mcpe without a blocklauncher or any other types of file apps?

  128. Yuguyvtuvy says:

    I don’t get all these jumbled up letters u give me I am new to mods how do download it exactly

  129. Kiann says:

    For all those desperate ios users
    C) No it will not be compatibke snytime soon

  130. Michael Vincent Frans says:

    How do I get this on iOS

  131. DoritoCatzXx says:

    I cannot download this. I’m on a iPad so I understand if it’s not for IOS. I’ve been looking for a decent shark add on cause I cannot download mods and the one I use the Sharks replace guardians so they don’t swim in the water they sink to the bottom, Which makes me disappointed cause I’ve been trying to act out the movie 47-meters down with my friend so they sorta come in handy, if you could make a good shark add on please reply to me :).

  132. Audrey says:

    Dose this work for iOS and if it doesn’t make it work pls

  133. Audrey says:

    Dose this work for iOS and if it doesn’t please make it work somehow

  134. Chris says:

    Can you make this mod As a MCPE addon or Mediafire addon so IOS users like me can experience this mod

  135. Nikola says:

    I have installed the mod on blocklauncher, the eggs and armor are in my creative inventory but whenever I press onto the floor to spawn anything nothing happens or it spawns either a villager or a squid. How do I fix this problem?

  136. Liby says:

    I can’t install these mods because when I get into adf.ly it dosen’t work……. it is always an ad and when I try to skip the ad it is going to AppStore ti install the app of the ad. When I get back to adf.ly it is another ad……. please help me! ( sorry for bad english)🙈

  137. David says:

    Where do you freaking get that mammoth mod! I LOVE MAMMOTHS!!! I MUST HAVE THAT MOD!!! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT CHRISTMAS!!! WHERE DO YOU DOWNLOAD IT!?!

  138. Connie says:

    Hi can you make this mod for the latest versions of minecraft

  139. Miner19 says:

    I installed this for my brother so we can build a Minecraft Zoo for his birthday and the mobs won’t spawn HEELLP

  140. Reptile250975 says:

    I want it sooooo badly can you put it MCPE Addons?

  141. DragoFury says:

    Why does android get all the previledges? That is totally not fair!

  142. Scorpion wolf says:

    Can someone tell me how to download this on a iPad because I searched on the AppStore fore blocklauncher but I can’t find it so plz help

  143. Mohammad says:

    How can i install the mode

  144. Aisha Ceesay says:

    Well I’d like it a lot if this was compatable with Windows 10. I really want this add-on but I can’t get it…

  145. Anonymous says:

    When will it work for IOS?? Please be soon this sounds and looks like an amazing mod!!

  146. Samizdat says:

    Can I please get it now ?

  147. Clara says:

    When I want to download it, it always goes to ad.fly, then once I skip it it says I have a virus….:(

  148. Daisy Mai says:

    I would really love to try this out on iOS, do you know if it’s possible too?

  149. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me install it on my ios device. I want the animals so bad! Please help… can i download this to my ios?

  150. Maddison says:

    Please help, it won’t let me download I have no idea why, it keeps bringing me to something that says my Ipad has a virus (I know it’s fake) and it keeps saying I’m a lucky winner so I get a free phone (also fake) I have downloaded many other addons and they have worked just not this one, I know you must be busy answering other people but if you have a chance please answer this

  151. Worunger says:

    Every time I try to spawn a animal it says the script isn’t working and to be more specific it says error occurred in script:pocket creatures beta 2.4.1.js org. Mozilla.javascript.wrappedexception.wrappedjava.lang.runtimexception:custom render type 4069 does not exist (pocket creatures beta 2.4.1.js #2836)

  152. Jack747123 says:

    I can’t get this mod to work no matter what I try. I’m on android and have everything up to date. I activate the texture pack using BlockLauncher and then I activate the js script in BlockLauncher. When I load the game, all the new eggs are visible and selectable but when I place one down it only spawns whatever was used to create the new creature. When I place the Chimpanzee it just places a pig and then comes up saying there is an error in the script. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I have also tried extracting the texture to the resource_packs using ES file Explorer but nothing is working.

  153. Finn says:

    Umm…hey. me again. Can you update the download so it goes to .mcpack or .zip? That would make me soooooooooooooooo happy. 5 stars even thoufh i cant get the mod.

  154. Cali says:

    Please make the mod available for IOS too! I’d love a ton of animals in my world and it seems really fun!

  155. funniferret01 says:

    I imported everything into blocklauncher but now it won’t do anything else. In my global resources in miecraft there’s nothing to enable. What do I do?

  156. SergantDirtyBush says:

    I have a problem, most of the creatures have either their jaw, front legs, and hind legs are either inside the body or floating in mid air.

  157. irksomedolphin says:

    i tryed again..and the js. file was not there …and also i found out in textures that really there was no penguin

  158. Tye says:

    Can you make a Addon version of this: like do these for iOS,like addon said for it or maybe in the future a mod for iOS of this? But for a Addon, I would like silverfish replaced by lizards, squids replaced by octopus (please make the octopus like more realistic) guardian replaced by fish, villagers replaced by cavemen, zombies and husks replaced by these ghostly unknown things, polar bears replaced by mammoths, chicken replaced by duck, pig replaced by boar, cow replaced by bison or bull or Buffalo (choose :)), Sheep replaced by Rams, wolves replaced by coyotes or foxes choose one) rabbits replaced by grasshoppers? Idk, you choose, llama (when 1.1 is added) replaced by giraffe, horse replaced by zebra, mule replaced by wildebeest, donkey replaced by reindeer, skeleton replaced by gorillas? Idk you can choose, elder guardian replaced by whale or even a shark :), Shulker replaced by clamshell, wither replaced by Cerus or this three headed wolf thing, enderdragon replaced by the red dragon (in future Minecraft) endearment replaced by red men, or natives,

  159. Sharky says:

    Is there any possible way it could be published to iOS

  160. Frosting says:

    If you catch a sea creature with a net, can you let it go in a aquarium of some sort or dies it just stay in the net forever

  161. Lily says:

    I can’t download I’m so upset 😭 I want it so bad does anyone know how!!!!!!🤔😺🤳🏻

  162. Herobrine says:

    Replace polar bears for mammoths😃

  163. Herobrine says:

    Make this addon for iOS plz I really want some mammoths for my ice biome

  164. Editor says:

    It is simple use block launcher and import the mod so simple

  165. Editor says:

    Guys use block launcher and import the mod simple

  166. Lykoikittens says:

    Does this work on kindle? Also do the animals naturally spawn in 1.0.6?

  167. StylesClash says:

    What MCPE versions will pocket creatures work.?
    Will it work for 1.0.6?

    • StylesClash says:

      OK why is noone replying?
      Its so frustrating
      I followed everything in the installation guides and nothing in my folders says “vanilla”
      Plus I imported the Mod script and Enabled the texture pack
      But I’m still getting errors but
      Suddenly I thought it worked cause after I enabled the Mod no pop up came out but when I checked my Global Resources it says on Pocket Creatures “Unable to open pack”
      Plus I installed the Textures first so please reply
      Note: I’m using MCPE 1.0.6
      And I’m using block Launcher
      Please help

  168. Polkadot says:

    How on earth do you download this mod? Will it work on an apple device? If so, how?

  169. StylesClash says:

    How do I download this without BlockLauncher
    Cause I have MCPE

  170. H20 says:

    Is this available for iOS yet? I really want to try it, looks awesome.

  171. Anonymous says:


  172. Kitty says:

    Does this work for Windows 10 Minecraft?

  173. Unicorn says:

    I can’t get pocket creates mod or tex pack and I can’t get clock luncher

  174. Anonymous says:

    How am I supposed to do this can someone please give me a better explanation on how to install this mod

  175. Foxy4216 says:

    Does this work for IOS devices? Please reply.

  176. Dragon Slayer says:

    How do I get pocket creatures mod for minecraft pe pocket edition.

  177. MuffinHamsterxo says:

    Can I get this mod on an iOS device as well, without Block Launcher?

  178. Emeraldplays04 says:

    Is this available for regualr Minecraft? (MC PE, MC PC) This mod looks really cool, but BlockLauncher wont work correctly on my device.

  179. BAMboo005_ says:

    I LOVE this mod but sadly I am an iOS player. Could you make an addon that replaces all the mobs in vanilla Minecraft to the awesome animals in this game? P.S. I don’t want to jailbreak

  180. Lykoikittens says:

    Does it work in the latest update?

  181. 😅😅😅 says:

    How do you get blocklauncher on ios

  182. dana says:

    ok my son is wanting to download the pocket creatures mod, i’m not minecraft savvy so i dont really know exactly what i’m doing. i downloaded blocklauncher and when i go to enable to texture pack it asks if my device is rooted. i don’t really know what that means, but when i looked about rooting, i saw there was a chance that it could make the device a brick device. my son is autistic and not having a device would not be an option. exactly what can i do? do i have to root the device to make this mod work?

    • Editor says:

      If you aren’t very tech savvy then I would recommend getting addons (they are essentially mods for Minecraft PE): http://mcpedl.com/category/mods/addons/

      All you need to do is to use the install guides which are included in each post. 🙂

      • StylesClash says:

        U hmm hey I need some help
        I installed the textures first and I downloaded the ES file explorer
        And followed but nowhere in my Downloads says vanilla I already extracted it so I imported the scripts to Block Launcher then after that I enabled the texture and Mod but im always getting errors then after so many tries no pop error came out and it was a relief but I checked my global resources and it says on pocket creatures unable to open pack
        Please help
        I have MCPE 1.0.4 (I downgraded it)
        Please I need a proper steps on Downloading pocket creatures I’m really frustrated right now cause I had to downgrade my MCPE

  183. Jay says:

    When will this mod work for apple devices such iPhones,IPod,and IPads.So please update so it can be for apple to 😭

  184. Kikikay1 says:

    I have been searching for AGES for a mod like this! It’s perfect, though I can’t access it on my iOS device. I would be EXTREMELY happy and grateful if you could make this possible. Thanks.

  185. Mojo 😘 says:

    This looks so Amazing, please let me know when I can get it on IOS. My friend and I are making a Beach Resort, and we have downloaded an AWESOME food mod, but we would be SO happy if we could get this, as we can make a zoo for tourists,

  186. PWAPikachu says:

    Can this work for MCPE Master

  187. blank says:

    this mod looks pretty amazing, it works for 1.0?

  188. Juden says:

    Can anybody upload pocket creatures for iOS please

  189. janna says:

    I have a question do the animals spawn randomly or do u have to use the spawn eggs?

  190. MC4U17 says:

    IOS won’t be getting mods from android because this isn’t an addon. Plz stop asking the creator and editor for an mc.pack file it’s not happening anytime soon. IOS can’t download extra files and content for MCPE sadly.


  191. Juvielyn says:


  192. Panipal says:

    I need help, the animals and evry thing works expect they won’t spawn. If I gk to creative and spawn them it works

  193. Wayve says:

    I love elephants and this is the only web that has all animals I love seals, mammoths, fish, bore, duchess,leapoars,squirrel,deer, you name it! But I have the iOS and I check this mod everyday to see if you’ve changed it to ISO too. Please change this mod for both versions of devices. Thanks!

  194. Nai says:

    It dont let me download. What do I do

  195. Crafter says:

    First of all, thanx so much to the creator of this awesome Mod, and kudos for his creativity and obvious hard work to designing and programming this new species. You rock, Gona!!
    I find some troubles using this mod. I hope it’s something I did wrong, but I followed your instructions very carefuly:

    Why these new creatures doesn´t spawn spontaneously in survival mode?
    Why, after I spawned these creatures myself in creative mode, when I switch to survival the textures and shapes get misplaced and the new animals become unrecognizable?

  196. Justice says:

    Does this work for iOS? 8 can’t find the adif.ly links😫

  197. Wayve says:

    Can you please make it so that you can download this mod without block launcher or files please. I really want it but I can’t get it because I can only download mods from mc.pack resource or behavior

  198. MC4U17 says:

    Sorry, but IOS most likely won’t ever get mods for android because of various files and limits of Mcpe for IOS. I love IOS devices, in fact I use an Apple IPad and IPhone, but Android does have the upper hand for game downloading. Adding content to IOS Mcpe isn’t possible. Also addon making for Mcpe dosent let you make new content however it is a possibility in the future. But for now mods won’t be coming to IOS Mcpe anytime soon. It is
    a great mod on my Android tablet and maybe it might come to IOS devices, but probably it’ll take a while.

  199. Nothing says:

    When is this going to work on iOS I’ve been wanting a mod like this since I was 8 and I really love animals in fact I have more than 20 pets now so pleeeeaaaasssse make this for iOS and if not I would like another mod for iOS like this

  200. Banana says:

    Can you make this for iOS, please

  201. Ellla says:

    I can’t download this mod. Because when I try to download the textures it says “safari cannot download this file and when I try to download the other files it goes to all of the coding and my iPad freezes

  202. Happytaco says:


  203. Happytaco says:

    Nice mod😃

  204. Happytaco says:

    How do you get this mod

  205. Anonymous says:


  206. Tech girl says:

    Could someone tell me how to download it 😐

    • Pippa says:

      You press download rescource and texture packs and press skip ad. Unless ur on iPad because it’s not made 4 IOS.

  207. PinkPuffball says:

    Can u make this able for iOS because I think it is pretty unfair because some of us want to use these and we can’t so can u make this for iOS please that would mean the world for me

  208. Philip says:

    Realy want this mod

  209. Syndicate says:

    Hey, Im tryimf to play on survival but no mobs spawn from the mod, If I go on creative I have the spawn eggs weapons etc, but there isnt any animals spawning. Is there anything I an do?

  210. Crafter says:

    Hi! I just installed this mod but it doesn’t work on my cellphone. I use MCPE1.0 (the end edition), ¿it’s this mode non-compatible with the latest MCPE version? Thanx!

  211. Goldenstar102 says:

    Is this available for MCPE alone or only Block Launcher?

  212. Nicky says:

    Hello Editor/Creator of this Mod,

    Can you please make this for IOS devices? Please make this into a mcpack and use mediafire! I really want to use it and it looks like lots of fun to use! Thank you!

  213. Luke says:

    This mod is great but it’s completely unplayable with a texture pack enabled (test with 32×32 and 64×64 packs) – creatures become pink then. Return to default textures and voila – it works as intended. I prefer to have a better looking game tough. Any ideas?

  214. Nicky says:

    Can you please make this for IOS? I really want to use it and it looks really fun and cool.

  215. Jessy says:

    How do you do it without a computer?

  216. Xzstenger says:

    Can you make this into a mc.pack

  217. Emmy_6266 says:

    I Really want this mod but I’m keep getting an error 🙁 plz help

  218. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I have the newest edition of minecraft and no new animals are spawning besides the regular. For example, cows, sheep, chickens, etc. How can I fix this? I have all of the spawn eggs but they wont spawn on their own.

  219. mrbuddhaburns says:

    Editor, I cannot download the .js file onto my iPad. I am not a tech person and have no idea how to. If you can help me, that would be great.

  220. mrbuddhaburns says:

    Hi I can’t download the .js file? This is a cool mod but I am not a tech person can you help me Editor? 😅

  221. noicd says:

    Editor I need help, Im trying to import the textures into toolbox but they don’t appear in the app, I go to click the .zip and nothing happens?

  222. Fracture says:

    Why doesn’t it work on IOS anymore? Will it be changed so it can be used again? I really like this mod.

  223. SuperGamerDX says:

    I can’t download the mod why not put it on media fire

  224. Max says:

    Hi just trying to install this amazing mod I have BlockLauncher 0.16 point 0 just wondering if the mod is compatible with this version thank you

  225. PlushieTurtleGmg says:

    How to use fishing net?

  226. Haley Breyer says:

    When I try to download it brings me to a page with a ton of words and it won’t let me click anything

  227. NVM says:

    so I use a old version of mcpe (0.12.2) and I followed the steps and the .js thingy enabled but the problem is that the spawner eggs are gone I tried to find it but I cant what should I do???? ;_;

  228. MagentaJammerAJ says:

    what is the oh nose it broke or something like that? cuz it shows it on mcpe when i try to play :/

  229. Bleach says:

    Hey Editor!This mod is really really cool,but i got the lattest version of blocklauncher and the animal won’t spawn i try to find some shark in the ocean but there are no shark 🙁 how can i fix it.

  230. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about spam part, didn’t know it took a long time to send the comment. It’s weird that I have the items in creative mode but in survival mode I can’t find them. Sometimes I found ducks but then they had a different texture. I disable the other the mods but still no animals. I just wonder how other people are enjoying right now. Also I mean 0.15.6 version oops. *Losing hope*

  231. YourNeighbor says:

    Is this compatible with 0.15.4? I downloaded the textures like you stated first then the mod file and then I went to block launcher and imported the textures, after that I did the same for the js file and this error popped up

    Stating I have to make an item with id 2805?
    Please help D::::::

    **error code**

  232. Anonymous says:

    How can I get past the page after I click download?

  233. Doctoremy says:

    Here some animals you should add :
    Tropical frogs
    (Sorry if my English is bad , I m french )

  234. Anonymous says:

    The animals aren’t spawning and I looked around for 5 mins. Also I have the latest version of block laucher and difficult is turned on. Is there something wrong im doing.

  235. Justin says:

    When will be updated to 0.15.0?

  236. Unicorn123 says:

    Is this free and can I get it on my iPhone

  237. vanessa hong says:

    Polar bears were added in the 1.10 update for minecraft pc and mac (don’t know about others) and horses came in the latest update in (minecraft pe) otherwise i love and want this mod (i don’t have pe tho 🙁

  238. Dayrin says:

    Where is the link

  239. ThePowerD says:

    I am using mcpe master app and the mod doesnt work.The items are there but i cant use them.I also cant spawn the creatures and they dont spawn naturally.Plz help!

  240. NerdyMustacheCat says:

    Is This for 14.0 cuz i want i have 14.0

  241. Galaxy says:

    Plz help I want to ride elephant and see all the amazing animals but I am using the mod I don’t see every animal cuzthe spawn eggs don’t work

  242. AestheticAndrew says:

    Hey man! Thanks so much for this mod. One thing though, ES File Explorer keeps saying the texture’s a bad .zip file, as in it won’t work. Tried loading it into MCPE anyways w/ BL but gives an error

  243. Not gonna share says:

    Hello, I just finished downloading both the texture pack and the mod. It says that the mod is enabled, but every time I try to load the app it will crash or ask to turn to safemode. I am new to this whole idea of downloading mods and I have never used this app before so I have no idea if it is just my app or my phone or something. I thought I would check to see if anyone new how to fix it. (I use Android and I have the latest update of Minecraft and the app)

  244. awesome says:

    does this work for minecraft pc 1.9.2?
    please reply quicly, thanks.

  245. gamermens2 says:

    Can we change IOS to Android?

  246. LPS BluePuppy says:

    This is an amazing mod! I’d love to ride a horse in Minecraft.

  247. Creamy kat 74 says:

    Please update so that the aquariums/Fish tanks could work its already so long that the creator of the mod dont fix it ?

  248. gamermens2 says:

    Editor I have IOS how I download it in a easy way??

  249. Elizabeth says:

    Hi~, does it work for 0.14.1? I’d love to know since I love the mods you create! P.S I posted this comment in 2016

  250. Bella says:

    Help me I have iOS device and every time I try to download the mod it is always comes up with adds and I can never get the mod

  251. Prince says:

    Why when i spawn an animal theres a script error and the animal will not spawn

    Sorry for my bad english

  252. OtakuPlays says:

    Adorable!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  253. gamermens2 says:

    I would never leave this Web so please if you can help plz fix it for IOS because I like to change or to have mod and blocklauncher no find in App Store what shall I do?

  254. gamermens2 says:

    Do u know what Editor I will use another web from your bad behavior not answering me

    • Editor says:

      We get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of new comments every week. Sometimes there’s a backlog of comments (like now) so that’s why we haven’t answered yet. However, I will spend all the time it requires to answer all remaining 400 comments. 😉

  255. Hussignia says:

    I don’t know why it doesn’t work, first of all I can’t do it on block launcher because it say it doesn’t work and when it does it goes on safe mode so I do it on an app called mcpe minecraft and it still doesn’t work? Help me please and I have minecraft 0.14.0

    • Editor says:

      Try disabling all your other BlockLauncher mods. Then use the install guide found on this page to install Pocket Creatures. (Follow it step by step!!)

      Then make sure you restart BlockLauncher at least once and go in-game.

  256. Duducraft says:

    I only get a zip file… Where is the js file?

  257. Reila says:

    I have a bit of a problem, riding the animals does not work properly. I can tame them and put on a saddle, but they just start running around on their own. I cannot control where they go, unless I face in that direction. They can’t jump either, I just get off the saddle. This is a beautiful mod, and while not being able to ride is a downer, it doesn’t make it any less of a masterpiece.

    (If you could look into this, that would be wonderful!)

    • Reila says:

      Also, I cannot seem to make the fishing net work.

      • Editor says:

        Please explain what problems you are having and I will try to help you.

        • Reila says:

          Saddle: When I tame an animal, I can place a saddle on it no problem. Once I click on it to ride though, it runs forward without my input. If I try to move with the directional pad, nothing happens. Jumping causes me to dismount the animal. Only turning the camera allows me to change direction, but still cannot jump.

          Fishing Net: There is no command to fish or cast, or use the item at all.

    • Editor says:

      That’s how it supposed to work though. You can’t really stop them from running, which is kinda bad, I agree. But Minecraft Pocket Edition modding is more limited than PC so we will have to be happy with what we get. 😉

      I’m sure the creator will be happy to read your feedback though!

  258. Budder Brownie says:

    Ummm. The breeding doesn’t work like when I breed two goats together it spawns a baby Sheep. Is there a way to fix this? It’s annoying to have to kill the Sheep use toolbox to spawn a. Baby goat and then remove all the adults I spawned and then remove the drops (cuz it takes me a few tries to get a baby)

    • Budder Brownie says:

      The same with alll the amimals and some animals I can’t breed cuz theyrr Zombie pigman or a mob. Like adult leopards I can’t breed cuz they’re based off of the Zombie pigman which is not breedable so I have to take babaies and then breed them

      • Budder Brownie says:

        And I have the damage indicator mod so when I attack a goat it says Sheep and leopard is Zombie pigman It’s annoying but I don’t need it fixed I’m just saying this so u know how I know that the leopards r Zombie pigment etc

  259. Alex says:

    Where is the link to download the mod

    • Editor says:

      You get that error because you didn’t install the textures. Please use the install guide to install the mod. It’s included in the post at the download link.

      • neo says:

        Hey Editor I want to spawn a adult mamoth it keeps spawning a baby one and i tried to keep him being a adult it took days (real days) and when i spawn another one one last time its said you need to update it so please update it 😉

  260. Marilou says:

    How do you name them too?

  261. Marilou says:

    Hello, this is a great mod! I love the animals and everything about it. Great work on whoever made this! Could you add more animals? How do you put the saddle on the zebra?

  262. Trinity says:

    The mod keeps getting disabled 🙁

  263. Marilou says:

    How do you feed the animals? I just hit them

  264. Tyo says:

    Why i can’t put saddle on rideable mobs??

  265. Creator of Earth says:

    This is the best mod ever!!!!! Keep it up guys

  266. Domom says:

    Does This work for 0.14.0?

  267. PrinceRedaboy says:

    Are They Gonna Spawn By It Self On Your Own World?

  268. The most mind says:

    When is the updated version for 0.14.0

  269. The most mind says:

    When is the updated version for 0.14.0????

  270. Blek says:

    Does dis work for 0.14

  271. Smeegle says:

    Does this mod work on an iPad?

  272. ibim says:

    How i can spawn it…. what the meaning about the 2805 ..?

  273. Alison says:

    So only android can use it?

  274. _ says:

    I downloaded the. Zip file, but I can’t find the .js file. How do I get it?

  275. redletter says:

    Hi – I’ve got a weird thing where I have the horse spawn egg but none others … any idea on how to get the others? I tried to install the toolbox but when it’s activated it just makes the app crash each time (MCPE v0.13.1, blocklauncher v1.11.4, tried with the current Play Store version of toolbox v1.2.1)

  276. tralulola says:

    horses appear, but the rest do not.
    how can i fix it?
    just in case, my mcpe version is .0.13.1

  277. raptor says:

    org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The item icon lion_spawn_egg:0 does not exist (Pocket Creatures.js#246)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.FunctionObject.call(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop(Unknown Source)
    at script(Pocket Creatures.js:246)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.call(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.exec(Unknown Source)
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.initJustLoadedScript(ScriptManager.java:261)
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$ParseThread.run(ScriptManager.java:187)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:818)
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The item icon lion_spawn_egg:0 does not exist
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$NativeModPEApi.setItem(ScriptManager.java:3035)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:372)
    … 11 more

  278. Smuggy :3 says:

    Would this mod be compadtibe with pams harvesty craft?

  279. Haylee says:

    Where do can i find the spawn eggs?

  280. Mikee says:

    Hey what shall I do if every time I activate the mod block launcher crashes.Plz help!

  281. Bsgburrito says:

    This wroks for MCPE 0.130 ?

  282. KittyKat says:

    I have everything enabled on this mod, the texture pack and zip file are enabled, but when I go block launcher and enable the mod block launcher crashes. I never get to see the spawn eggs. I am 0.13.1 mcpe and block launcher at 1.11.1 Can someone please help?

    • KittyKat says:

      Hold on, let me make myself more clear. When I first installed the texture pack from the zip (pocketcreatures.zip) in block launcher everything was fine. When I went to import the PocketCreatures. JS block launcher froze for a moment and then crashed. When I went back to see what happened, the mod was disabled. Whenever I try to enable it it crashes again. Can someone help because this mod looks so cool and I really want to use it? 🙁

  283. Moni says:

    Nevermind, works beautifly!

  284. Haidar says:

    Can’t save the animal…
    I put some elephant,bear and more in the cage then I off for awhile…
    But when I check my world…
    These animals changed to be chicken,spider,silver fish,cow…

  285. magian51691 says:

    Does it work for Minecraft 13.0??? Thank you.

  286. demylle says:

    Well, it is clearly that this mod is not really working. Do not waste time on this. How shame.

  287. demylle says:

    I tried it to install the textures before the pocket creatures but why is there a fail of patching?
    Here’s the error:
    org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Item IDs must be >= 0 and = 0 and < 512
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$NativeModPEApi.setItem(ScriptManager.java:2291)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:515)
    … 11 more

  288. demylle says:

    I tried to use minecraft version 0.12.1 but it crashed. What is the compatible block launcher for this version?

  289. Vane says:

    Hey there! I am having trouble downloading the mod, so please put the instructions again, maybe I de something grong ’cause block launcher puts me this **error code**

  290. Dude... says:

    I am using minecraft pe version 0.12.3 and block launcher pro 1.10.3, I downloaded the mod and textures and extracted the mod and imported it, and applied the textures as they are, but no eggs appear in creative mode inventory (I have TMI) and none of the animals in the mod appear anywhere, even though everything is activated. Can you tell what I am supposed to do, since I’m looking forward to using this mod.

  291. Haidar says:

    It looks interisting but..
    does it need to root my device or not
    before i install the block launcher and then install those mods?

    sorry for my dumb question i’m new in minecraft…

  292. İbrahim says:

    Hi. This is a great mod but has some problems. First, creature are spawn in air and fall dawn and generally die. Second, we cant reach the spawn egg (creative or survival). Can you fix this? Thanks and sorry for my terrible english 🙂

  293. Sharkray says:

    Ok so what is wrong with this. It saying. Failed to inport patch. Is there any solution to this?

  294. modandplayminecraft says:

    the animals in this mod dont show up they only show up if i use a spawn egg

  295. orejewe says:

    Bro i wanna ask, where i can build horse diamond? In crafting table didnt show up, i bring diamond in my inventory. Thanks

  296. CJ says:

    It won’t allow me to import the file because it says that lions (and some other creatures) exist. I’ve already imported the texture pack. What other issues could be causing this? The lion is not appearing in the .zip file.

  297. Magicstorm9 says:

    How do you extract files? I’m sorry I have tried soo many times to download mods on pc and pe I need like a helper person or something I don’t know. Please help

    • Editor says:

      You need to use a file manager app (e.g. ES File Explorer). Then use that to locate the downloaded .zip file. Then hold down your finger on the .zip file to select the file. Then tap on “More” button and select “Extract to..” or something like that. Hope that helps.

  298. Ricardo says:

    Please can you fix the mod plz went i get out of my world they turn into squids,villagers,pigs,silverfish and spiders thank you for reading this but a think you mods are really cool

  299. MCLunaticGamer says:

    How to add textures?

  300. kaelynn says:

    What is the id FOR A SADDLE! ? this is upsetting because I cannot ride anything without it! ?

  301. Kurt Daryll Aquino says:

    Yes yes it works editor I’m my device and when I exit the game it’s still the animals that I spawn I recommend download 0.12.2 McGee for good work of mods I have downloaded many mods and it all works

  302. lunarhero4u says:

    **error code**

    Editor plz help
    happens when i try to import into BL

  303. Shadow says:

    Plz help none of the animale spawn in the world do they spawn randomly or I have to spawn them

  304. Teddy Bartlett says:

    When I downloaded it, is said that the APP cannot be downloaded in your country. I ignored the message and imported the mod but then another message popped up saying something that the mod does not work. What do I do?

  305. Sam says:

    It works in Minecraft0.12.3

  306. David003 says:

    Where can I find texture pack for this mod? And does it work for MC PE 0.12.3?

  307. HelpMeee says:

    Help me i can’t import the Pocket Creatures.js

    **error message**

  308. Joshua says:


  309. holycowssssszs says:

    is this mod works for MCPE 0.12.3 ???????

  310. Rubber ducky says:

    Usually when I am playing the mod on my kindle fire hd 6 all of a sudden it won’t allow me to go to my inventory an just crash. I don’t know why and I need some input. Please help

  311. lunarhero4u says:

    i cant import to BL, says its illegal or sumthin when i try to enable it

  312. Joescool123 says:

    I am on 0.12.3 with the latest version of blocklauncher but I can’t find the mobs

  313. animallover1171 says:

    Whenever I try to import the .js file I get this error message (from BlockLauncherPro):
    ***error message removed***

  314. Google says:

    How do you install the mod on iOS, I’ve never used mods before

  315. MrJackForest says:

    I love this mod! I love it! But it has some issues, first, if I quit my game and comeback later, all my bears and turtles, etc. have turned back into regular mob textures and there is no way to fix this, and this bug is a huge pain in my butt because I’m doing a lets-build-a-zoo and I have to put it on hold until this gets fixed. Please help by, either helping me solve this, or please contact the mod creator about this bug (I don’t have a twitter account) Thanks!

    • Editor says:

      It’s a common issue for new mob entities in ModPE mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. There’s not much the creator can do at this point I think.

      • MrJackForest says:

        Is their another mod to fix this? Is there anything I can do? If not, than thank you for your help.

        • Editor says:

          There is no mod out that fixes the issue which I am aware of. Modding for Pocket Edition is harder in the sense that it’s more limited than for the PC version, so we have to keep that in mind. No problems, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you any further.

  316. DJcutefox says:

    How do I get the mod?

  317. Jason sebastian says:

    The mod is pretty awesome but,it crashes often since the new toolbox update,is that have a relation?sorry for bad english.i’m indonesian

  318. Cassie says:

    Pls help me … im new to this and i already downloaded the file its called pocket creatures.zip. then i downloaded the ES file explorer. after that i couldnt find the file anywhere (pocket creatures.zip) . and when i went into my downloads i clicked the file but it says cant open file. also when i went into the block launcher i couldnt find the file. plss help… i really wanna have this mod

    • Editor says:

      Hold down your index finger on the ZIP file to select it and then press “More” in the bottom-right corner, then “Extract to” and press OK. Then you should have a new folder called almost the same name as the ZIP file.

  319. PopularMMOs says:

    Can you help me? Whenever I press download it pops up saying content locked. Can you install this using Dropbox? I have an IOS

  320. Aiith says:

    Toolbox keeps crashing my device, but I can’t find the spawn eggs in my creative inventory without it. Any suggestions?

    • Editor says:

      Please reply with more information about your device. Also, make sure you’ve got all other mods and texture packs disabled and then try using Toolbox.

  321. Bella says:

    Do you need to have to many items mod to download?

  322. IosHelp says:

    I cant download any mods on ios the tutorial guides are outdated please help jm jailbroken rjnning 8.3

  323. Lightning_FURY says:

    Can i mod review? Well if u wish i will put the link here not direct

  324. E.vill Hydralisk says:

    ‘Sup bro. I updated my blocklauncher weeks ago and the animals WON’T SPAWN. help pls

  325. Meep says:

    For some reason the file isn’t showing up in my downloads. I don’t know why it isn’t. Is it because I downloaded a .zip file? How do I get the .js file?

  326. Chung says:

    In the game its show me Pocket Creatures for Gona, But didn’t have any new creatures

  327. Arief Firdaus says:

    How to use this mod??? Why the textures packs named Mo’Creatures Textures BY Darkcube..And the mod was named MoCreatures mod by STAR.js…….why I can see any animals in the world

  328. Pokemaster9876 says:

    One of the best mods I have seen!

  329. djjdje says:

    Why i can’t see any animal spawn in world

  330. Dotage says:

    Can someone tall me how to install mods!

  331. Rub432 says:

    Well thanks! It worked out! I finally have a chance to view this amazing mod! Great

  332. ヽ( ¬ ﹏ ¬ )ノ says:

    After I import the js file, when I enable it, some other items said “does not exist”, why??

  333. Mrck says:

    Plz help I did it exactly u say but my mod isn’t enabling it has always an error

  334. Vy909 says:

    Does anyone know the website of this mod’s creator? Thanks!

  335. Jenni says:

    Hi, will there be a version for iOS soon? I really like to have tons of animals in my world 🙁 thanks

  336. Weshamii says:

    I’m new to this and I have one question. Where do we extract the file to? I know, this is a stupid question.

    Amazing mod! 😀

  337. Rub432 says:

    Well, umm it says that the lion and 11 more don’t exist, i read that i’m supposed to have the wrong texture, i checked and it said Pocket Creatures Texture pack.zip, even though it’s the only pack i found.

  338. Tad99 says:

    This is my first time to download a mod, so I’m sorry if my question sounds stupid.
    I’m using an ipad and I just jailbroke it, but I’m not sure the install guide above works or not. I tried to find block launcher but it doesn’t exist in cydia. And I also tried to search how to download mods on the web already. Can you please help me to download this mod please? I really like it.
    Thanks a lot!

  339. Dotage says:

    I want this mod???

  340. klaidas says:

    are you going to be adding more animals???

  341. redcoolboy says:

    This is so cool

  342. Randomized CRAFTER says:

    This mod is great, though there seems to be a problem. The spawning just isn’t happening, and I downloaded correctly. Anything you could tell me about the problem?

  343. E.Vill Hydralisk says:

    Ok I think that the Blocklauncher scripts made the mobs into vanilla entities, but when I crafted a new, survival world, the modded mobs didn’t naturally spawn. And after I disable the other mods I have, it still won’t spawn……halp pls ( and thank you if ya answer me ^□^)

    • Editor says:

      You need the latest version of BlockLauncher for the spawning to work. It makes use of some code that’s called getBiome. It only exists in the latest version of BlockLauncher.

  344. dani says:

    HELP ME! when i try to import the .js file it’s always showing error massage,
    i’m android user (sorry for my bad english)

    • Editor says:

      Please use the install guide! The most likely solution for this is that you need to install the textures before trying to install the .js file. Please try that and I am pretty sure it will work.


    This is the absolute best mod for mobs I have ever seen in pocket edition. It ranks 47th in my book vs the amazing and more easily coded PC mods overall.

  346. Bryansnow says:

    I can make your mod review?

  347. klaidas says:

    It dose not work for me whenever i download itmand then extract the zip fil, then i got to import textures,then the script but when i do that it says the the lion file dose not exist and 11 more plz help me!!

    • Editor says:

      It sounds as you’ve imported the wrong textures zip. Make sure the textures zip is called “Pocket Creatures Texture Pack.zip”.

      • Doctoremy says:

        Me to I have the same probleme ‘ but how did we downlown the pocket creatures texture pack .zip ?

        • Editor says:

          It’s in the .ZIP file which you can download by clicking the download button in the bottom of the post. You need to use a file manager to extract the downloaded .ZIP to get the mod (.js) and textures (.zip).

  348. DeathCop4000 says:

    The link is blocked , please do not upload ad.fly links , just direct download

  349. E.Vill Hydralisk says:

    Eh bro, why the entities became villagers after I go out of the world? Is there a code to make a new entity and save their textures after kinda like MCPC? THNX if ya answer. ^□^

    • Editor says:

      It’s a normal issue. It might be fixed in the future.


      They become villagers as that is the default entity model in mcpe right now. Your blocklauncher must not be saving the world with the mod’s coding and therefore all entities reset and become that at some point in the process. The world is then reloaded as a normal mcpe world and all normal entities go back to the way they were. Modded entities are not restored and therefore are left horribly disfigured. This should be fixed by blocklauncher soon enough.

  350. DanTJM says:

    This is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. InDoExo says:

    I can ride the horse:(

    • Editor says:

      It’s explained in the post how you do it. Please read it through. If you still don’t get it then reply here with detailed information about your issue.

      • PureDarkOmega says:

        In 1.0.0 you can’t ride any of the animals and pls make them spawn in survival or tell me how to make them spawn in survival thanks

      • Tania says:

        Hi, I have an IOS device and whenever I try to download this mod, it just brings me up to a page full of scripting and codes. I don’t know how to get it into the actual Minecraft App. How would I do this?

  352. Ken says:

    Is this for 12.2 or 11.1

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