Published on September 12, 2016 (Updated on December 26, 2016)

PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!)

PokeCraft is a promising Pokémon mod which is exclusively being created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version is an early beta and includes features such as 20+ Pokémon, catch and release system and randomly generated structures. If you want to turn your Minecraft world into the universe of Pokémon then you need to give this one a try. Creator: RedStudios, Twitter Account Updated: 26 December, 2016

Getting Started

Before getting started we highly recommend to download and use one of the Pokémon player skins to really make it look as if you were playing a Pokémon game. There are currently more than 20 different Pokémon and they spawn naturally in different biomes throughout the world. There features still quite limited at the moment. Right now you can only catch and spawn Pokémon. To catch one begin by getting a poke ball from the creative inventory. Find a Pokémon which you want to catch then long press on the screen to through the poke ball and attempt the catch. The catch rate is random and sometimes you are unlucky and have to redo it. In this case, I successfully managed to catch my Pokémon which was an Ivysaur. Don't forget to the pick up the poke ball. You can catch up to 6 different Pokémon. The mod is using a slot system which can be accessed by the text chat. Type any of the following commands in the text chat to manage your Pokémons:
  • r = Release / Return Pokémon
  • s0-5 (e.g. s1) = Select active slot
  • d0-5 (e.g. d3) = Deletes the Pokémon in that slot
In the future you can expect a more slick user interface for this. Anyways, to summon a caught Pokémon type r in the chat. Pokedex and Pokeshops are structures which generate at random in your worlds. Currently there is no use for them but that is likely to change soon. That's all of the features for now. Remember, this is the first beta. Some of the upcoming features are the following:
  • Battle system
  • Poke Centers
  • And more!
Discuss ideas in the comments and help shape the future of this mod!

Item IDs

There are many more items than the ones listed here. However, since this is a beta version most of them have no features. Down below you will only find items which can be used in-game. For now, none of the items have crafting recipes.
  • Delete Pokemon (2003)
  • Poke Ball (1000)
  • Master Ball (1001)
  • Ultra Ball (1002)
  • Great Ball (1003)
  • Safari Ball (1004)
  • Net Ball (1005)
  • Lure Ball (1006)
  • Level Ball (1007)
  • Dive Ball (1008)
  • Moon Ball (1009)
  • Nest Ball (1010)
  • Dusk Ball (1011)
  • Heal Ball (1012)
  • Quick Ball (1013)
  • Repeat Ball (1014)
  • Timer Ball (1015)
  • Luxury Ball (1016)
  • Premier Ball (1017)
  • Fast Ball (1018)
  • Friend Ball (1019)
  • Cherish Ball (1020)
  • Love Ball (1021)
  • Park Ball (1022)
  • Sport Ball (1023)
  • Heavy Ball (1024)

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod (.JS), resource (.ZIP) and one of the texture packs.
  2. Use ES File Explorer to extract the resource .ZIP file.
  3. Copy the PokeCraft-Resource folder and paste it here: /games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/
  4. Install the textures using BlockLauncher.
  5. Then use BlockLauncher to install the mod file.
  6. Make sure to restart the launcher and then open a new or old world to start using the mod features.

Download Mod (.JS) Download Resource (.ZIP) Download Textures (With Sound) Download Textures (No Sound)

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4.13 / 5 (54 votes)
this hasent ben updated for 4 years
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gangstaspongebob7890 July 04, 2021 at 3:08 am
POV:your scrolling through because your tired of waiting for pokedrock new update
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i have an android device but im not using it
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Please may i ask kindly if you can please make a pokecraft mod for xbox one im sad there not really any pokemon for xbox one
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Ios is fucking unlucky
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Can you make this for iOS because I am very bored and have nothing to do
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Seeing the comments really annoys me sometimes cause there are so many rude people lol
Well I'd like to say I like the mod but I can't seem to download anything.I don't know why but I am a little concerned that it gave me a virus cause weird stuff keeps happening right after I tried downloading it. I'm sure you worked hard and I give you credit for this but I hope you see thing and look into it. To be honest it might just be my laptop but I still liked to inform you lol
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Sorry with some English problems I'm typing this at 3:01 am for some reason XD
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Guest-1944395337 May 21, 2020 at 6:35 pm
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It doesn't work.
I've followed the instruction multiple times,
It's never updated anymore.
Seems silly to put all that effort into a mod but then not make it work.
Hopefully one day they will return to this and actually make it work.
I've used older versions newer version.
The script won't do anything.
And texture pack won't.
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So it doesn’t work at all?,I’m kinda upset all the work for nothing :/
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Can't you make a mcaddon or mcpack and mcworld means we users can't understand what to do
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please make mcaddon it will be a lifesaver cus I'm on win 10
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