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Published on August 05, 2015 (Updated on August 05, 2015)

Pokémon Kanto Region [Creation]

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if you put a mc world file i put 5 stars!
plz make it a .mcworld download.
Anyone interested in me uploading a .mcpack version of this map?
just rename the back of it .mcworld
i would love that
How stupid here, everyone, stop asking about making .mcworlds.
Just Download the ZIP file and rename it from ".zip" to ".mcworld"
Chill mate, they're just little kid, less than 15 years old :)
And your method didn't work. Don't call people stupid because it only makes you look more stupid. Especially when you're wrong.
and that doesnt work.
I made pockemob in this map?
gangstaspongebob7890 July 03, 2021 at 6:32 pm
If you want the map and your on iOS
Download documents and copy the zip file in documents
And open the zip file and select all of the items there and zip it
And rename it like this “(anythingyouwant).mcworld
Hey, is it alright if I use this map and put pixelmon in it?
Hi kids! Professor oak here. Today you will go get your starter in pallet town. There are three choses for a starter. Bulbasar, squirtal, and charmander. Also if your late, there's a pikachu! Come see the amazing world of pokemon! Your journey awaits!
.MCWORLD type pls
rename the level name from *.zip to *.mcworld
I love it add Pokemon to mack it better????
Do mc world or i kill myself
Can you make this a .mcworld please IOS users cannot download it if there isthe download button
Lies get document 6 (7 may be out) download the map onto Tht using the browser and range it to .mcworld
I can't play on mac. Can you help me????
Guys stop begging for .mcworld ,just download it to a pc or mac and rename to kanto.mcworld, downloading it from phone to minecraft isn't a good idea
you do have to use ifunbox to put it across but is that so hard
See the thing is you need a computer in your method
Some random dude May 18, 2018 at 8:14 pm
i’ve tried that and that does not work.
ye it doesnt
Can you make this a .mcworld please?