PokeReborn Gen 1 (Addon 1)(Update 4) Updated

Say Hello to a nostalgic world we all know too wellThe world of Pokémon!KantoNow it's time to interact with the Minecraft and Pokémon world at the same time. You are able to farm, mine and have fun with friends, and with Pokémon! Soon you will have the full Kanto Pokédex to play with No Pokémon from other generations, Experimental mode requiredWhat awaits on your adventure is up to you!

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A new Pokeball Catching System has been implemented, different catch rates for all Pokemon


The Pokeball has been upgraded to a 3D model to fit in with the new Pokeball Catching System


All Pokemon have been added into the componants of a new pokeball item


All Pokeball Entities have been removed due to the fact that individual Pokeball Entities are no longer


This will quite literly half the enitities within this add-on


Saddle Berries have been removed, all Pokemon that required a Saddle Berry now use just reqular Minecraft Saddles


New items have been added to evolve cross generational Pokemon, these can be found in the shop guys and from Pokestops

and Go Gyms



Golbat > Crobat = Poison Barb > Only found in Gen 2


Cleffa > Clefairy = Bright Powder > Only found in Gen 1


Elekid > Electabuzz = Electric Seeds > Only found in Gen 1


Eevee > Espeon = Rose Incense > Only found in Gen 2


Eevee > Umbreon = Pure Incense > Only found in Gen 2


Igglybuff > Jigglypuff = Chalky Stone > Only found in Gen 1


Seadra > Kingdra = Dragon Scale > Only found in Gen 2


Magby > Magmar = Heat Rock > Only found in Gen 1


Pichu > Pikachu = Cell Battery > Only found in Gen 1


Smoochum > Jynx = Sweet Heart > Only found in Gen 1


Tyrogue > Hitmontop = Power Band > Only found in Gen 2


Tyrogue > Hitmonchan = Power Belt > Only found in Gen 1


Tyrogue > Hitmonlee = Power Anklet > Only found in Gen 1


Some Pokemon have had there spawns changed a little to spread the Pokemon out a bit


Boss pokemon have been made a lot more rare


Suicune on beaches


Lugia on mountains


Hooh in Mesa


Raikou in savanna


Entei in nether


Apricorn trees added and will generate in forests, each apricorn tree holds 5 apricorn blocks, break the block to recieve a

random coloured apricorn.


Use the apricorns along with the iron nugget to craft Pokeballs, greatballs and ultraballs


Both generations use the apricorn system


The fossil cleaner has had its time reduced from 6 minutes to 2 minutes per percentage


The fossil machine and the fossil cleaner can both be recovered into a players inventory by interacting with a fossil chissel


Pokemon go gyms have been fixed to your specification.


An escape rope system has been added, buy them from either gen shop for 16 pokecoins or craft them with 8 peieces of string


A pick your starter pokemon and Go team has been added, both gens work seperate or together, although you will get a choice of a second team, you will not recive a second team card, your first choice is your choice


Complete and working updated healing system



Supported Minecraft versions

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or just download us cobblemon mod?
can't you update this old addon?
wen i want to fly with a pokemon a i ride it flys (i press W while flying) and then the pokemon falls down even moltres, pls fix this bug if you don't understand me then try to ride moltres and fly and press w while flying and see what happenes :(
how can i find the mew cristal and how do i get the frof.oak's letter
oh and i would like from u ultimate creator to add an evolution theme and pokemon catching theme wen u catch a new pokemon, and pls pls pls pls pls the most important thing is pls add a pokedex both gen 1 and gen 2, that's all thanks creator for this mod😊
but how to take a fossil from a fossil cleaner?
oh now i knew haha
how can i intract whith a pokestop?
Yall the people in comments need to chill fr
Also this is fun add-on keep updating it
hey just a quick thing but i know you will probably never see this but nobody else adds in hypno and drowzee my favs
This comment has been removed
Trying to add both generations, will cause it to freeze instantly