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Published on December 31, 2020 (Updated on December 31, 2020)

Porta House Addon

Ever wanted to move your house to somewhere else along with your items? introducing the Porta House addon this addon adds a block similar to a structure block that can save and load a specific area.

This addon adds 3 new blocks and items into the game. Each of the block can only save a certain size of the area.

These are the items that is needed to craft the Porta House blocks.

Iron Core:

Gold Core:

Diamond Core:

You can see what the blocks can save by particle boundary.

Porta House Small can save an area of 5x5x5

Porta House Medium can save an area of 10x10x10

Porta house Big can save an area of 15x15x15


Red - Porta House small

Pink - Porta House medium

Teal - Porta House big

To know if the block is in its save or load setting look at its color if it's RED then it's SAVE if it's BLUE then it's LOAD.

You can interact with the block by:

Windows 10 - sneaking and right clicking.(barehand)

Mobile - sneaking and tapping on the block (barehand)


  • Save an area if the area contains a void, this will not save the area.
  • Make more than 1 of small, medium and big Porta House block, if you haven't loaded the area in a small porta house do not use another porta house small save block because this will overwrite your old area saved in the small porta house block.
  • Use this in multiplayer, it will work in multiplayer but might cause many problems.


Enjoy the addon :D


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on in the world.

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4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
How do i download this?
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Hehehe it’s broken 😈😈😈
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Too bad I cant play this in my main 1.14 world, but in my other tablet (1.16) this is a really good addon
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Great addon ,really helpful in survival,it's great that it's survival friendly
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