Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone) Addon

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Fair share? ? Desno365 was the only person to try previous to you that I'm aware of.
I have no idea why but this doesn’t work for me.
Your not on Windows 10 are you? Read the title maybe that's why
I read the title idk what you mean it says Portal Gun Addon/Command (Redstone) Addon
Wow this is so cool thank you so much
I have a really hard time with commmand blocks and I can’t copy and paste cuz I’m on a phone but the flat world is great
If you are working on the add-on for a script like the Desno Mod like it can attach on walls without touching to ground and also be horizontal on the ground thanks
Notch is the truet creator of minecraft couse herobrine is only glitch
When I saw this addon it was cool but how I download the mc template?

When I download it I'm now stuck and I don't know what to do can somebody help me?
Keep your eyes open. Big project coming out soon!!!!!!!
could this posibly not work becuse im using it on xbox i dounloaded it and it dont work
merci a toi !!!
I cant change to an orange portal and im on pc
cool mod but can you make it into a script so that you can use the portal gun as far away from the command blocks as possible, or to just use it in a totally new world.
Is it possible you can make this multiplayer compatible i.e. like the coop mode in portal 2.
it will work but the portal teleport has no delay! so it brings me back and fourth over and over again! plz some one help me! my user name is Sparky24242!!! plz reply!!!