Published on May 31, 2021 (Updated on May 06, 2022)

Potion+ Addon

Have you ever wonder to have more potions? Such as potion of levitation, potion of haste and more, then this addon is for you. Having these kind of potions allows you to obtain other effects via brewing just like other vanilla potions


To brew them as usual we need water bottle and will combine it to nether wart to form an awkward potion. As usual awkward potion is the base potion we need in brewing different effect potions.

There are 8 different potions added in this addon:

  • Potion of Blindness
  • Potion of Conduit Power
  • Potion of Fatal Poison
  • Potion of Haste
  • Potion of Levitation
  • Potion of Nausea
  • Potion of Saturation
  • Purifier - Use to remove all negative effects including levitation effect

Here are the reagents items for brewing the following potions shown above. Make sure you brew an awkward potion first before brewing these potions.

  • Ink Sac = Blindness
  • Nautilus Shell = Conduit Power
  • Rotten Flesh = Fatal Poison
  • Quartz = Haste
  • Chorus Fruit = Levitation
  • Poisonous Potato = Nausea
  • Sugar Cane = Purifier
  • Mushroom Stew = Saturation

Upgrading Potion

Just like vanilla potions, these potions can enhance the effect level with glowstone dust or can increase the duration with redstone dust. Blindness effect doesn't have higher level therefore you can only increase its duration. Purifier cannot be extended nor enhanced.

Splash Potion

Any potion, either extended, enhanced or just normal can able to turn into splash potion by adding gunpowder. Splash potion allows you to throw potion in which it'll give effect of the potion to any entities nearby the area it landed.

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Select version for changelog:

  • Added Splash potion type of every potion
  • Potion of conduit's reagent recipe were changed into nautilus shell
  • Fixed a bug were it doesn't work on latest minecraft version



Don't forget to enabled the following Experiments option in world settings

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Additional Modding Capabilities (for older minecraft version)

Install both behavior and resources to make it work

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

On my realm it is not letting me make the potions, when I put one of the ingredients like for example Quartz, it simply does not let me.
Make sure you download your realm world, activate experimental features (and the addon), and re-upload it to the realm!
Very good add on! It's working on realms. The potions look very big in the hand in third person. Can you please add splash potions? Otherwise its perfect. :D
Hey can I use This for my modpack i will credit you
Hey por favor, puedes añadir un bolso o un bag para guardar pociones aún que sean 3 o 5,
i downloaded the recourse and behavior pack and it didnt work with me, when i checked them the recourse pack was 0.00mb and the behavior was 0.03?
The file size of both resource pack and behavior pack are actually really small. If this doesn't work on you, have you turn on the required experiments in world settings?
Ok so i want to know if it comes s with splash and lingering potions as well
Becuase then some are useless
can you make the splash and lingering versions of this?
Umm, can I place this potions on cauldrons?
were in bedrock we can put potion in cauldron
is it possible to make custom potions? also very nice addon
Is there any chance u can increase the time for the night potions if theres a next update
If potion of nausea make from pufferfish then how to make water breathing potion
He has a point lol
Yeah I forgot that pufferfish is for water breathing, I'll change it in next update.