Published on June 13, 2017

Pre-1.1 Pack

Installation Guides

Your pack is broken, it completely breaks all the menus, I had to manually delete the files to disable the pack.
after installing this it didn't let me turn it off please don't download this
Also add the old texture of the Shulker Spawn Egg (the one which is dark purple) also, addition the old color pallet of shulker boxes, didn't see thw difference
The hardened clay is actually called stained clay before 1.1
Um I don’t think it was
personally I like the new textures and blocks the only thing is the name of hardened clay
needed this so much thanx!
It's cool but that never changed the clay or wool
It would be cool if the old pallet was applied to concrete, too!
So much nostalgia...
you literally said this like 2 days after the update came out
Hardened clay textures was not changed because there is concrete so how can you change them to pre 1.1?
Here is a tutorial on how to downgrade for android u will need to delete Minecraft pe then install apptoide here is a tutorial:
iOS tutorial:
You know that the textures of Terracotta/Hardened Clay weren't changed at all? They just have new names and there are also the new Concrete Blocks and Concrete Powder Blocks.
No, they did change. Look closely.
Do Not Download This Pack It's Ugly
It’s the old textures... or course it’s ugly
I prefer this for when I don’t wanna headache from the world of color update. The vivid colors are nice but eye straining.