Published on July 10, 2021 (Updated on July 12, 2021)

Prehistoric Kingdom Addon (Alpha 0.4.1)

Based on the Prehistoric Kingdom game! The addon currently in Alpha, new updates gonna be released. The addon adds 5 new dinosaurs with 2 of them have sub-speices.This addon is also an apologize for not updating the Saurian addon (yes i am hoverboard) 

Heres some informations:

Carnivores can be tamed as babies using bones.

Herbivores can be tamed as babies using rabbit stew.

Dinosaurs also sleep at night.

Fossils can be found in mesa biomes and deserts, use them to bring back dinosaurs.


Tyrannosaurus Rex 

HP: 80

Damge: 18

Tarbosaurus bataar 

HP: 80

Damge: 18

Triceratops horridus/prorsus 

HP: 85

Damage: 19-20

Deinocheirus mirificus 

HP: 82

Damage: 15

Edmontosaurus annectens/regalis 

HP: 75-80

Damage: 1

Now enjoy some images taken by ataya

Some profiles by whitestang:

(This has the old tyrannosaurus texture)

Here's also the 2 addon showcase by Hugo yogurt 


Edmontosaurus sleep animations is broken 

Fossils droploot isn't randomized yet 

The behavior and resources packs dont have a logo 


Whitestang (Textures, logo, profiles)

Hoover (Coding, textures, models)

Birdfungi (The coming soon carnotaurus model)

Meteor Comrade for the ideas

Select version for changelog:


Added 2 more images from ataya / clorki . .


Just unzip the file and put it where it belongs


Supported Minecraft versions

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4.89 / 5 (9 votes)
Nemegt formation: Can I copy your homework?

Hell creek formation: Sure just change it up a little

Nemegt formation: Tarbosaurus bataar
How do I get dna extractor how do I build it-
Great Add-on for creative, but not survival compatible. I’ve tried getting the machines in both creative and survival and cannot find or craft them, I even tried to use commands to get them and even re-downloaded the add-on twice they’re not there. Unless I’m just dumb.
Deinocheirus is my favorite dinosaur
Are you planning to add the rest of the dinos in batches or all in one go
Can I make a Showcase?
I will give a credit in the video description .
The addon is very good But why do herbivores eat rabbits and not plants?
XxOmegaTheOrangeDiloxX July 11, 2021 at 8:33 pm
Hahah lol
Amazing addon is amazing
Will dinosaurs be rideable in future and maybe as future update you can add dinosaur bones and you can make armor and weapons