Published on November 10, 2021 (Updated on November 08, 2021)

Presents! Addon

This add-on adds a Present block to the game. Destroy it to open the goodies inside, or surprise your friends!. With particles effects, sounds and nice-looking textures, this is the perfect addition for this holiday season.

It's that holiday season again! So, what better way to spend it than to gift your friend, with the Presents! Add-on.

"Hear hear, a stranger at my door! I wonder who could it be?"

Let's see what we get when we open some presents:

You can stack them up to four presents per block:

The blocks even glow in the dark:

To destroy-open the presents you need to be in survival mode.


(Furniture featured in the first screenshot is from the FurniDeco addon, by Arexon)



  • Stackable (up to 4 presents / block)
  • Glowing (the more, the glowier)
  • All languages supported
  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Valuable drops
  • Random colors and block orientations
  • Particle effects
  • Sound effects

Select version for changelog:


Fixed download links and modified description, compatible with latest Minecraft version.


To install:

  1. Download both Resources and Behavior
  2. Wait 5 seconds, then click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner.
  3. Double click the ".mcpack" files, and the addon will automatically import into Minecraft.
  4. Make sure you have the "Holiday Creator Features" enabled from Experimental Gameplay, in the world settings.


  • Presents.mcaddon (17 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
Will you say something about the detailed player animation? A lot of people asks about it but you don't say anything.
Are presents craftable?
Great addon, just make it so that they don't emit light.
I know it the holiday (almost) season but some people are still in lockdown
This is perfect for the holidays!
hey there! been a big fan of your player animation resource pack and this addon's also really fun! i meant to ask, do you have any intention to update "the illusion of terror" to 1.17? it's been one of my favorite horror maps and sad to say that it's no longer compatible with the current version of Minecraft. it means a lot if you could get back to me, thank you!
How to obtain these present 🎁 droped by mobs
¿Se puede conseguir en survival?
ah yes the best way to clebrate chrsitmas *minecraft* also great addon😀👍🏻