Published on February 04, 2021

Pretend World

Have fun in a realistic city on bedrock edition  play in a hospital also super good stores  red stone create toxins plus you play any game mode also you can break everything or build more !

This city has a plane like thing on a big brick area that is powerful it can shoot beyond 100 blocks using fire charges this is called hawk city . It is designed with real life buildings in a city with roads with yellow concrete sidewalks, cyan concrete roads , and white concrete crosswalks. It has some Redstone it has command blocks that Kill all entities every so often so it does not become too laggy

Feel free to build and have a great time maybe with your friends playing along 

Coming Soon Next Version :

  • Explore Outside Of The City To Find Undiscovered Treasures 
  • Play around with more red stone
  • Get cool stuff with 1.16 !

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1. Replaced Featured image with a higher quality version of the features image.



  • 20daXn+ZAAA=.mcworld
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What are you five? Also how did my worlds get denied when this toddler over here is putting way less effort than what I made.