Published on September 23, 2020 (Updated on December 07, 2020)

Prismarine Foe Add-on

And I continue with the Minecraft Story Mode add-ons introducing you this time to the mighty Prismarine Foe, huge and strong living statues that will be a challenge for those who like to dive in the seas of Minecraft.

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  • Now the add-on works on Windows 10 and servers.
  • The code has been debugged.
  • Añadido el idioma español de México y España.


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Well, I don't make a pack because I don't know how many add-ons based on story mode I'll make or when, so I do them and I'll keep doing them separately, sorry
You should make him drop Prismarine if killed and maybe add a new weapon he holds like a Prismarine axe in Minecraft story mode
He actually drops prismarine when you kill him, and the prismarine weapons will try to put them in a future update
i like your addons but , why do you not make a full pack addon? i hate to download and export all separate (i play in xbox and this is uncomfortable )