Prison Map - Cops and Robbers

Download this expansive prison world today! This world contains a house, a building, a bank, a supermarket, a city hall, a cemetery, and of course, the prison! If you like free space to run around (and possibly build in), then you are going to love the amount of extra space the map has for you! Add your own obstacles and buildings! Play cops and robbers with your friends! This map took well over 150 hours total, so enjoy!



When you start, chose Police Officer, grab a sword, baton, three Key 1s, and two of each Key 2 and Key 3! Key 1 goes into the hoppers next to the cafeteria and yard. Key 2 goes in the hopper in armory room. (Go to the shower, located next to cafeteria, then go in the oak door, and there is a button behind the banner. Key 3 goes into the hopper in the small room by the front prison wall. Once done with the keys, take it back out (just 1!) Make sure other players do not cheat. It is recommended you have a "schedule" in the prison. For example, breakfast, then shower, then exercise, etc. Please watch the tutorial and make sure to create a copy of the world after every time you play to guarantee fun forever!



Thank you to TheSonicMasterX for helping me turn this world slightly more map-like! (Helped with walls around map and extra design)

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Hey there!



  • Updated prison tutorial link
  • Added the new music disc
  • Fixed 2 dispensers missing in the police dressing room
  • Removed lever from armory hopper
  • Fixed barriers near infirmary
  • Concrete no longer drops when opening the safe
  • Fixed the post office ending completely not working
  • You can no longer get trapped in the ladder area in the museum
  • Doorbell ringing text now has a period at the end of it
  • Fixed the whisper prisoners get near Conference Room not having a name
  • Changed some blocks on prison roofs to stairs
  • Changed night vision potion name in library to "Contraband"
  • Changed chest names in graveyard
  • Slightly lowered quality of thumbnail one last time
  • 2 minor changes
  • I am taking suggestions for this map! If you have one, DM Antny Gamer#4548 on Discord!





  • Prison Map - Download (734.88 KB)

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i'm on 1.18.2 please help it does not work!!
please give me more information on this... if you want you can DM me on Discord: Antny Gamer#4548
Great map! Keep it up.
It doesn't work because I have the latest version and it says this version is saved in another higher version and I get
????? That doesnt make sense. Are you on 1.17.2?
TheBigFunnyBartolomeuLazyBum July 10, 2021 at 6:27 pm
This is a Bruh map
good another copy of ROBLOX cops and robber
How? I did not take this from any ROBLOX games??
Im supporting the Creator btw can you add more buildings and add schools, houses… and shops or parks? and more functions.. please!!…
you seriously thought it was me? But IT WAS ME DIO!
Ahh Yes.. Jojo reference...
Dont get me wrong bleach is my fav anime
Hey! can you add more buildings and add schools, houses… and shop or park? and more functions.. please!!….
Bro... I Watch Bleach Bcuz I'm Cool
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Hang on! almost done!.
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