Published on September 30, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2022)

Profitable Farm Add-On

Already exist on having a profitable farm? What if every farm mob could do the same thing as the chicken and they did it with rare ores from the game? This addon will do that. It will help you to evolve a little faster in the game.  

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- Link redirection has changed due to issues downloading and splitting links for accounts other than linkvertise.

- As the addon seemed op and could stop the time for the animals to be able to put an item, the animals that put in 20, it went up to 30, and the smaller animals was not changed so much because they grow before.


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This addon literally takes the fun out of survival... Better off playing in creative with cheats and need the game to be that easy..
Not much throught put into making this addon..... I'll give it rank as you are 7 years old... Yes we rank add-ons by age.. only children will use
So the focus of the addon is not you, just don't download
Good addon , but cows are too op , Maybe you can try nerfing them a bit? Anyways , 8/10
well um.. its dumb that you just around world and get enuf diamonds for a full diamond set. i think they should only be able to ingong when fenced in
Actually the time for diamonds is around 7 minutes, that is, to have several diamonds you would need many cows. And you can find cows but you also need to eat them. you will only find a lot of diamonds on the map if you have a lot of cows or if you spend a long time playing