Published on December 15, 2019

Project: Mushroom island (1.14+)

The mushroom islands truly is a rare biome to discover and I wished it could've had more to offer as far as resources go. This add-on upgrades the mushroom island by adding new naturally-spawning mushroom and mooshrooms types on the island. This biome can allow you to have a new food source by trading mushrooms with farmer villagers.


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Please addmushroom villager
the 1.14 versions are very scarce
Please add a 1.16 version I really love this and I would love if mushroom variants were in Minecraft please 1.16 version I would really love it just please and thank you
1.16 version the blocks don't appear on any other version please please update soon cuz I really love Minecraft and I've always wished and hoped that there would be a mod that adds more mushrooms and guess what this mod exists but it's not for 1.16
Guest-3357113535 May 07, 2020 at 5:10 am
1.16 version please?
I can't find those blocks
Somebody can send the link of Media fire to download this?
I love your mods/add-ons
Hello,this link to ad fly doesn't do anything,I can't download it from there,any other links?mediafire maybe?
How to get the pumpkin pie
Nice! Maybe develop a new cave update next since you're on to improving areas of the game? xD
link not working
Great add-on Ragien
Please Read This Sır, I think you must add a "HISTORICAL ADDON" I Think Its Been Very Good Adding A Medieval Knights, Old Muskeeters And Princes, horses knight, Cannon, and good or evil knight and flags! And Finding Castles The villages some times raid bu evil knight and army (optional and bests) : Old Empire Armys, dor exemle holy roman empire knight, Ortoman Empire Janissary (sword or muskate) I Think Minecaft Its Be a Amazing Ever... But Please Muskate And Cannon Producible