Published on September 04, 2022 (Updated on October 11, 2022)

Projectile Shooter Game

In this new minigame you have to shoot your opponents with different snowballs. Each team has a customized snowball, in the colours red, blue, yellow and green. Last player standing wins this game. A lasertag arena is the first map of the alpha version of this game. But you wont lose if you get catched once. You have 10 lives.  Before starting the match, you have to select your teamcolour. This map is for Minecraft Bedrock edition. Also you can play with 2-4 friends. Have fun, make nice shoots, win matches and make epic wall kills by shooting the snowball in a right angle. Survive as long as possible to win the match. 

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Fixed some bugs and made a better performance for the gameplay.


  • Projektil_Game.mcworld (85.03 KB)

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