Published on September 21, 2017 (Updated on May 29, 2018)

PlayStation 4 Controller Hint Default Replacement Pack

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Hi can I get this taken down, it's obsolete and I'm not going to update it. There are better alternatives. thanks - ijordon
like What
I don't see any Alternatives
Xbox Controllers are cancer and that's a fact
so there's no need to take this Masterpiece down
this was very helpful for ds4 users like me
This is the worst its said for PS4 controller but i can use it for Xbox and its annoting cuz ITS x ∆ cube its suck so give 1 star and u suck owner
I cannot believe I made an account for this. This recource pack was obviously made for those who play this game on a PS4 controller. If you don't play on a PS4 Controller, You DO NOT need this pack. I kindly ask you to think about this and update your review. This is purely nonsense. THINK.
Then u should havent fucking download for xbox when it is clearly said it s for
Does it work even if I dont have controller? (Yeah I know I sound like an idiot)
But... you need a controller for this pack to be useful
The comments on this are so stupid, omg hahaha
It works perfectly doing what it does, which is changing the buttons to be PS4 icons. Perfect for people who have already figured out how to play using a PS4 controller, not useful to people who can't separate the comments on this from the Google homepage apparently
PS4 controller is superior to the shitty Xbox controller
Do not download crashed my windows 10 Minecraft completely made me delete it through files once I had downloaded it it stopped me from logging in
I don't know what you accidentally did wrong but i downloaded it and it worked like any other Minecraft Bedrock addon. You download it, go on minecraft, then open it. and it worked perfectly with no problems.
This is Just a Re-Texture, Like For DS4Windows on Windows 10. I Love this So Much
Doesn't actually change anything. My controller is still doing the same thing.
That is what it’s for idiot look at what u got
How do I apply it to my app though.?
Its not working for me on my new android phone. Ive done the Bluetooth and blah blah blah. But it will not move anything on my screen and it doesnt allow me to move at all
I have a problem I can’t move play or do anything because this is stuck and I can’t get out of it it says press buttons but I don’t have a controller fix that please now I have to probably delete all my hard work which is why this pack sucks for me
Doesn't work. I don't have Divine or some crap installed, And yet the bluetooth doesn't work. This addon seems a bit pointless tbh. I don't have anything else to say but a 2 star.
Wait.. Do i need some controller to use this addon?